Kavas Yachting Charter is Ideal for Visiting the Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands in Greece are homes of ancient Minoans, They had become part of the Corinthian Empire and during the last five hundred years, they have also been a part of the French, Venetian and the British empires. Not many people are aware that this group of islands had a brief occupation by the Nazis in the early nineteen forties. The major islands that make up the Ionian group of islands in Greece are Lefkas, Corfu, Paxi, Kefalonia and Ithaca. They are now all part of Greece and visitors can experience the distinct taste and smell flavours of this rich culture and traditions. About sixty four years ago, there was a massive earthquake in this region that flattened most of the buildings on these islands. They have all been rebuilt and the fascinating culture has remained intact.

Chartering a yacht and touring the Ionian Islands allows visitors to experience a blend of relaxation and pleasure seeking. These islands offer peace and plenty of partying opportunities. Kavas Yachting is the group of yacht charters that visitors could rely upon to moor up at the right spots when they want to tour these islands. Kavas Yacht Charter provides quality and affordable sailing tours in the Ionian Islands. This is the yachting company to look for if you want the best possible boats for the best possible prices. You will be able to avail of catamaran charter, bareboat charter or skippered yachts. You will have an unforgettable sailing experience of the Ionian Islands with Kavas Yachting.

The Aegean Sea is known for its blue and shallow waters while the Ionian is popular for blue and green deep waters on the Mediterranean Sea. Experienced sailors will be well aware of the fact that the Maistro wind picks up every morning in the Ionian Islands and settles to zephyr around the sunset time. You can depend on Kavas Yachting to help you enjoy your sailing by day and help you experience the flavours if each island of this group by night, offering you ideal synchrony with the prevailing sailing conditions.

Explore the Ionian Islands with Kavas Yachting


This place has become well known as home of the very first university in the country of Greece. It is a cosmopolitan Ionian island. This is one place which the Ottomans failed to conquer. The island is famous for walking trails. It would take ten days for hikers to complete from one end to the other. There are plenty of beaches for visitors to choose from. The old town of Corfu has been declared as a World heritage Site by UNESCO and offers many elegant cafes and boutiques to tourists.


This is regarded as home of Poseidon. He is supposed to have broken off this island from Corfu’s tip with his famous trident. This island is located to the south of Corfu and is rich in European culture. It has a mansion of the British Governor, a Venetian fortress and various museums and churches.


This is the largest of the group of Ionian Islands. It is rich in geology and culture. An earthquake destroyed most of the architecture here sixty three years ago but many of these buildings were replaced later. Tourists love to visit Mount Ainos. It is the largest mountain on this island. This island is also famous for its vineyards and the famous Robola wine. It is derived from grapes that are grown on the slopes of the mountains.


As per legend and myths, this island is the home of Ulysses. Visitors will understand why he must have chosen this island over other islands to be part of. Ithaca is famous for its beaches – Sarakiniko, Ioannis, Filiatro and Agios. Gidaki Beach is famous here as it has no access to it by road; only the adventure seekers like to come here and they can gain access only by boat.


This Island is also popularly known as Lefkada and it is situated on the western coast of Greece. Lefkas has retained much of the old authentic old Greek charm. Visitors to this place will find it a green and lush island that provides an amazing landscape with its stunning beaches and turquoise waters that remind people of Paradise. Lefkas is surrounded by several satellite islands and they can easily be explored by yacht with the help of Kavas yacht charter Greece.

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