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How to Keep Your Car Safe When You’re on Vacation

Parking your car outside your home may be standard for you on most days of the week, but you’re probably worried about leaving it there whilst you travel for understandable reasons. Whether you’re taking a short trip of just a few days or enjoying a few weeks in the sun, the last thing that you want is to spend your time worrying if your car will still be there waiting for you when you return. With thieves’ tactics becoming more and more crafty, simply taking your car keys on holiday with you won’t always guarantee that it is safe. Here are some of the best ways to keep your car safe and secure whilst traveling.

#1. Install Extra Security Measures:

Your car will most likely come with standard security features fitted, such as an engine immobilizer and security alarm. Adding more features can make it harder to steal your vehicle and therefore will make it less of a target for criminals. For example, a simple steering wheel lock can make it far more difficult to drive your car away, or a GPS tracker installed inside the car will enable you or the police to track it down quickly in the event of it being taken.

#2. Lock it Away:

If it is possible, you should park your car in a garage or other secure area for the duration of your vacation. You may want to consider paying to park in a secure airport parking facility whilst you travel; busy car parking facilities can often provide safety in numbers and will usually have parking attendants on hand to look after every vehicle left there. If airport parking isn’t an option for you, park your car in your garage instead wherever possible. Make sure that your garage door is secure – check out for more information.

#3. Ask a Friend for Help:

If you plan to be traveling for some time, leaving your car parked outside your home for the whole duration can quickly give away that fact that you’re not at home, particularly if you tend to use it on a regular basis. Leaving your car with a friend or family member can be one of the easiest ways to ensure your own peace of mind about its safety whilst you travel.

#4. Secure Your Home:

If leaving your car at home is unavoidable for you, the best thing that you can do is take steps to secure your home and create the illusion that it’s occupied. For example, set timers on your lights to come on at regular intervals, and make sure that you put a hold on your mail so that it’s not building up in your mailbox or porch. Always ensure that your home security alarm is set and use a home CCTV system if possible – this can help you catch any criminals and get your belongings and vehicle back if a break-in does occur.

Nobody wants to return home from vacation to find that their car has been stolen; these tips will help you avoid this happening to you.

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