Keep Fit On Holiday – The Surprising Sports On Offer For Cruisers!

If you think about going on a cruise holiday, the first thing that springs to mind probably isn’t sports – or keeping fit generally, bar a leisurely swim! However, more people are finding that going on such a vacation offers them a wealth of different exercising opportunities with some options that might generally be a real, but welcome, surprise for those people who want a relaxing break, but still want the opportunity to keep fit and take part in fitness activities.

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Many cruise liners  now come equipped to cover a vast array of different sporting options, besides the ones that immediately spring to mind. For instance, did you know that many cruise liners now offer golfing – many of them having either simulators or 9 hole courses for people who love this sport and don’t get the chance to play when they’re away from home.

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Another big surprise might be the fact that some liners offer basketball courts too! Very often these might be seen as something to encourage younger people to take part in cruise holidays – and sometimes liners might offer tournaments and family friendly games, not just for the young ones.

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Similarly, football is now something that’s becoming de-rigeur on cruise holidays. With a startling statistic revealing that as many as sixty five percent of all adult males won’t go on holiday anywhere where they cannot watch their favourite team play, it seems only right that cruise liners should now be offering mini football pitches for fun five a side matches for holidaymakers!

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How about trying your hand (pardon the pun) at boxing? Some cruise operators are now also offering the opportunity for people to discover boxing training as part of their holiday with punchbags and boxing rings becoming something ever more popular on board, as a way to relax and unwind and learn new skills.

Image by Trisha Fawver via Flickr

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