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Kenya – The Most Photographed Country in the World

Experience the awakening of nature through the silhouettes of beautiful and unforgettable African sunrise. Those who want to find the real wilderness surrounded by wild animals in their natural habitat, safari is the right choice. And, that you are looking for, you will see and feel exactly in Kenya.

Kenya is a magical land. It has natural beauty, wildlife, diversity and specifics that you will not find anywhere else. Kenya is certainly one of the most desirable destinations for real travellers. If you decide to go there you will feel the heart of its great continent, you will feel the wildness and power of nature.

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The first thing that can feel every tourist when at first time is visiting this country is the warmth. That heat comes from two sources, from the weather and the hospitality of the people. Kenya is located the Eastern Africa and borders with Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. Its territory is composed of 47 districts, each with its own government and semi-autonomous powers to the central government in the capital. Kenya is a country of safari, known for its reserves, including the popular Maasai Mara. The most famous safari tour at the park is called Out off Africa and it is covered three national parks, Tsavo Est, Lake Nakuru and Kilimanjaro nod. Of course, be sure to visit the capital city of Nairobi and Mombasa on the southeast coast, which applies to most regional tourist centre. If you’d like to do so, it’s now possible to apply for a Kenya visa online without even moving from home.

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This country is rich with attractive wildlife, such are lions, leopards, elephants, rhino and buffalo. Kenya is also one of the most photographed states at the world. From wild animals through the wilderness to the incredible landscapes, you will not know what to rejoice at first. The climate at Kenya is tropical throughout the year. The average temperature at the period from February to April is ideal 28 degrees.

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