Keukenhof Flower Garden – a Kingdom of Tulips

Keukenhof is a world renowned special park and is a popular destination in the Netherlands in the last 60 years. It is said that if you have not been in this park, you do not have visited the Netherlands.

Thanks to the Keukenhof Garden, the Netherlands actually gained a reputation as a country of tulips. This garden is engaged in cultivation and sale of flowers and is open to visitors only during April and May.

When early spring arrives, about 7 million flowers spread their petals,ornamenting Keukenhof Garden, which has about 1,000 species of tulips. That garden is a kind of shop window of floral industry in the Netherland. It annually attracts nearly a million visitors who come to see the phenomenal exhibition of wonderful colors. It covers 32 hectares and is the most photographed place in the world. The park has 15 kilometers of paths and is the largest sculpture park in the Netherlands. These gardens were built in 1949, in which grown bulbs for flowers, between Amsterdam and The Hague. At that land where formerly there was a castle, lived a Countess who adored Dutch flowers.

Interesting fact about tulips is that are the first association for the Netherlands, but, the flowers did not originate from there. They were brought to this country in 1593 from Constantinople, on the request of the Flemish ambassador which was delighted by their beauty. Keukenhof hiding many surprises for visitors mixed in different styles of editing, with very rich content that attracts thousands of tourists. Everything else, when you find yourself in this garden is a matter of time. Whether you stay here just a few days or a whole week, you will constantly feel “thirst” to see the incredible view of the perfect flowers. In Keukenhof your food will be wonderful aroma and peace that will relax all your senses.

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