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Khao Lak Is The Most Romantic City In Thailand

Many of the people have “winter” personality and look forward to the first snow. But, on the other hand there are ones who would gladly replaced winter idyll with an exotic paradise. If you decide to visit tropical place and you like warm enjoyments, go to Khao Lak.

Khao Lak is the most romantic city in Thailand, a country where you can find two sides of everything. This city is a place of colors, where even the wind blows in particular blue-brown shades. It is characterized by white, sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, oldest rainforests and idyllic lagoons. Simply Khao Lak is the perfect place for lovers.

This is a city where nights and days smell of life. The main attraction of Khao Lak, which attracts tourists to this coast are undoubtedly the paradise beach. There you can enjoy in bars and restaurants, shops, massage, schools for diving and yoga centers. Among other things, diving in the sea is an incredible adventure, during which tourists encounter with a rare beauty of coral and exotic fishes in a depth of 40 meters.

Elephant is a symbol of happiness, which will follow you at every step. You will meet unusual types of fruit and we should not forget that the food in Thailand is attraction for itself. In a country of freedom, as it is called, people really respected their tradition.

Variety of Khao Lak is just one of the reasons why travelers’ year after year visit this city. Also, lately Khao Lak has become the Promised Land for all those who believe in alternative medicine.
It is important not to forget to mention the resort Casa De La Flora which is located in Khao Lak. Resort has 36 bungalows in the form of a rectangle. Each of them has a large window that provides a wonderful view of the beach and ocean. The luxury is complemented with pools, comfortable beds and high tropical palm trees.

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