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Kitchens in the country: The latest designs

The kitchen is the most important and used room in any country home. This single space is the gathering place for many activities including: parties, homework, family meetings, and of course preparing meals.  The process of remodelling this room will take time and begins with choosing the perfect kitchen designers. Ramsbottom Kitchen Company can handle all of the needs of their clients, regardless of how many people will be using the space once it is finished.  After choosing the designer the real work begins with choosing the areas to focus on in the room or deciding to do a complete gut and rebuild.


The most important element of any kitchen redesign is choosing the kitchen appliances that will be filling the space. The number of appliances available to choose from may seem overwhelming. However, clients can focus on the ones that fit their design and needs.

Traditional Kitchen by Roswell Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Weidmann Remodeling

An important question to consider when searching for an oven and range is whether to keep them together or separate them. One option is to go with the slide and hide ovens from Neff. This particular model has doors that will completely retract, meaning it requires less room. They work well and will look good alongside many Neff products regardless of room size.

Traditional Kitchen by Glen Ellyn Kitchen & Bath Designers Drury Design

Another important appliance to consider is the kitchen sink. The sink should fit as seamlessly into the rest of the design as possible. The sink should fit as seamlessly into the rest of the design as possible. Thanks to many advances in kitchen designs, it is now possible to boil water in the sink. The Quooker boiling water tap eliminates the need to wait for any water to boil, therefore giving cooks precious time to focus on other elements.

Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Photographers BlueWaterPictures- Dennis Anderson photographer

Another option when it comes to the sink is the Frankie sink systems. These all- in-one units may not boil water in the tap, but can be customised to fit any space.  The taps can even attach to the wall if need be.

These are just two of the many different elements available from Ramsbottom Kitchen Company. They offer many to choose from in a variety of colours to match any client’s needs.

Traditional Kitchen by Woodland Hills Architects & Building Designers Amit Apel Design, Inc.

Prep Spaces

After choosing the appliances, another important choice is what to do for the workspace in the kitchen. These spaces will be used quite often and not necessarily always for cooking. It is important that the materials are able to hold up to anything a client does.  If the client is choosing to go with stainless steel appliances, they can continue the look to the work spaces with the Dekton stainless worktops.  They will not scratch and can even take the heat of pan straight from the range.

Scandinavian Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Studio Cuvier

Silestone is also another durable choice of prep space. This stone is extra hard and can stand up to many different things while fitting into a variety of different designs.

Full Space Redos

Designer kitchen appliances can work well for the client who wants to completely take the room back to the studs and start again. These elements can include Sheraton kitchens. These systems cover everything from cooktops to worktops. If a client wants a modem kitchen with no lines, they can even choose handless cupboards.

Traditional Kitchen by Concord Architects & Building Designers Battle Associates, Architects

The important thing to remember when looking at kitchen designers and recreating the place is to keep it comfortable. Make sure that everyone will be able to work in the space without risking injury from straining their neck and back.  Keep the space warm, inviting, and exciting with proper design.

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