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Kitesurfing in Tarifa – A Holiday with a Difference

Everyone’s looking for a holiday with a difference these days. It’s no longer the norm to go and lie on a beach somewhere for a couple of weeks, to return home with the feeling of not having really done anything special. With that in mind, many holidaymakers prefer to spend their time taking on some of the most exciting sports available, and one of those that are proving to be very popular indeed is Kitesurfing.

If you’re a fan of trying out new and exciting sports to try perhaps you should consider a visit to the Tarifa Kitesurfing School in Spain. Tarifa, Spain provides a beautiful environment and stunning landscape for your kitesurfing education to take place.

Image by Francisco Manuel Esteban via Flickr

The perfect destination for a holiday on the water

Tarifa really is a perfect destination for kitesurfing holidays, with warm temperatures, a long sandy beach and constant wind. It is located only 14 Kilometres from Morocco across the strait of Gibraltar, in Andalucía, South of Spain. In fact, Tarifa is known as the wind capital of Europe and usually has daily wind from the East and the West during a typical day. In the summer, temperatures can easily reach low to mid-thirties Celsius and still in the winter the temperatures can sometimes be very comfortable in the low twenties Celsius. This area of Spain is located in a nature reserve and as well as enjoying natural beauty it also boosts numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs which can be enjoyed at the end of a hard day’s kitesurfing.

Image by Mar Kiddo via Flickr

Kitesurfing – a sport for all waters

The sport of kitesurfing involves riding a surfboard but using a specially designed kite for propulsion through the water. Wind power is harnessed using a large parachute rather than using the waves directly for moving the surfboard through the water as with surfing. Consequently, kitesurfing doesn’t actually require waves and can be carried out on smooth water or the sea. Most riders will learn to ride the waves as well as do tricks on their board.

Image by Francisco Manuel Esteban via Flickr

Learning from the best

Teaching at the school is provided by skilled and fully qualified instructors, each of which have received a diploma as a kitesurfing instructor from the Spanish Federation (FAV) or the International Kiteboarding Organisation(IKO). The instructors include a Kitesurfing Speed World Champion, Aurelia Herpin, who has more than 12 years of instructing experience. So everyone from a novice to an already experienced kitesurfer are fully catered for at the school and each person will develop quickly by attending their kitesurfing lessons. The teaching is typically carried out in a fun and enjoyable environment, where you can learn at your own pace. Tuition can be tailored to your individual or group requirements, as well as being flexible in terms of the level at which the course is delivered.

Image by José Manuel Ríos Valiente via Flickr

Another significant advantage to taking a course with Aurelia Herpin as the tutor is that she can teach in four different languages: French, English, Spanish and German. The school offers tuition in one of the languages for beginners and intermediates with the choice of three different types of lesson: group, half-private lessons or private lessons. Their Offering for advanced kitesurfers includes half-private or private lessons, where you could improve your riding technique or learn some new freestyle tricks.

Image by Francisco Manuel Esteban via Flickr

Kitesurfing is a fairly easy sport to pick-up and it will only take a few days for an inexperienced kitesurfer to learn the ropes. In addition, the Kitesurfing School can arrange accommodation as well as the actual kitesurfing lessons. In fact, they are able to tailor make a complete package for you, even including arranging your car rental at Malaga Airport.

Image by Francisco Manuel Esteban via Flickr

So if you fancy a holiday with a difference, then Kitesurfing in Tarifa may be the perfect adrenaline packed holiday for you.

Image by Peter Morgan via Flickr

Aurelia Herpin is a former kitesurfing speed world champion now teaching in Tarifa, Spain.

Image by Francisco Manuel Esteban via Flickr

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