Kusadasi – the Turkey’s best summer place for 2017

Kusadasi is a Turkish resort town located on the Turkey’s Aegean coast. It’s just less than a hundred km away from Izmir and Aydin. The tourism is the main and the primary industry of this beautiful town that has a lot of things to show. Now that the summer holidays are just around the corner, we would like to introduce you to this Turkish beauty and the things you could do there before you plan your getaway.

If you are type of person who likes enjoying the hot summer days on the beach, this is definitely the place for you as the beaches in Kusadasi are like no others. The nature around and the spectacular view just complete the image of this perfect place for the upcoming summer. We highly recommend you the Silver Sand beach if you like quiet places or the Downtown beach which is more local and maybe the most visited one. You should definitely check the Ladies beach and the Long beach. The Dilek National park is just another place you should explore and spend a beautiful day in the nature. For the ones who are fans of the water parks there are two places you should visit and stay impressed by its beauty and all the attractions they have there. Adaland and Tortuga Water Park are the most famous ones.

The Pigeon Island became a favorite spot for seaside walks for all the tourists and the perfect place to admire the sunset. It’s just awesome. For the ones who are interested in history and want to visit such a place, Priene is the place to go. It’s an ancient port which most famous attraction is the Temple of Athena. Similar place to this is Miletus that is actually an ancient Greco-Roman city ruin with a good museum dedicated to the history of the place. The Dilek peninsula is a good place and highly recommendable plays for a one day trip if you just don’t like laying on the beach but want to explore the beauties that surround the beautiful Kusadasi. This place is 26 km south of Kusadasi.

Kusadasi is recommendable both for the party people and the people who are more for a peaceful getaway as there is little something for every type of people.

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