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La Tomatina Festival – A Battle With Tomatoes

Can you imagine how it is when 40 000 people at once throwing food everywhere? It is a real battle! La Tomatina Festival is the most massive battle with tomatoes. Everywhere red color, anywhere a taste of tomato and smiling faces. That is Tomatina Festival, if you have chance you do not miss to feel it or see it.

Participants in the “ketchup war” one hour, one day a year have entertained crazy and unforgettable. Despite glorious “tomato battle” La Tomatina festival is also characterized by music, dancing, parades and fireworks.

Tradition by throwing tomatoes began in 1945 in Bunyola, near Valencia, Spain. It is the most famous battle of tomatoes in the world. Until now it has held 70 times in a row in front of about 22,000 tourists. In the event were used 150 tons of tomatoes per hour which are found on all sides of the streets. Tomatoes were brought to the main square “Plaza del Pueblo” by trucks. This tradition began from ordinary hassle of the sellers in the market Bunyola. La Tomatina event is held every last Wednesday of August. It begins at 10 am and lasts exactly one hour.

On this day in Spain arrive a large numbers of tourists from many countries of the world, including United Kingdom, India, Japan, Australia, Kuwait. All of them patiently wait for the time when they can enjoy on this amazing La Tomatina experience – “bathing” in tomatoes. The rules are simple: crush ripe tomato in hand before you throw and listen when someone tells you that is enough. Everywhere on the streets will flow tomato juice and your mood will be improved with a second. You will feel like a little child which found a way to entertain.

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