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Lake Sorvagsvatn Hangs up Above Atlantic Ocean

If you want perfect greenery, especially in spring and summer, the Faroe Islands are the right place to visit. They are a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located between Scotland, Norway and Iceland. Also represent an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark. Those islands are haven for people who want a long walk and sighing of nature which surrounds them. Even the fog seems magical, but this view is changing rapidly because of the unpredictable climate. There is a stunning piece of nature which attracts many tourists around the world – Lake Sorvagsvatn.

Lake with difficult name and extraordinary beauty is the largest known “hanging lake” in the world. There is where the magic happens. Natural excellence attracts many tourists and for local residents is fortunate to have such amazing attraction. If you have chance and time, go and visit this beauty of nature. You would not regret it.

Image by Heini Samuelsen via Flickr

Image by Stig Nygaard via Flickr

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Image by Hans Juul Hansen via Flickr

Lake Sorvagsvatn located on the island of Vagar is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands. The length of the lake is about 6 km and with a height of 30 meters from sea level is connected to the Atlantic Ocean through waterfall. What is unusual in Lake Servagsvatn is that it is situated on an island surrounded by cliffs whose height ranges from 252 to 376 meters. At one side, water of Sorvagsvatn reach the edge of a cliff and therefore thrown into the deep in almost invisible waterfall. Lake literally hangs over the ocean. Lake is also the subject of years old disputes between residents of the eponymous town Sorvags and opposite Midvag small town. Long time those two villages could not agree whose name to be chosen. If you enjoy fishing, the lake offers you good opportunity for that.

Image by Tommy Wooh via Flickr

Image by DavideGorla via Flickr

Image by DavideGorla via Flickr

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