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Lake Tahoe And Its Floating Skate Ramp

Lake Tahoe stretches along the border of California in Nevada and is the second deepest lake in the United States. It is known for its amazing blue color.

With an area of 496 square kilometers and stunning mountain releases, this is one of the most visited tourist destinations throughout the year. The lake area includes 12 ski resorts. Visitors also can try other winter activities like snowboarding, other ski disciplines and extreme sports. Lovers of water sports are also potential users of this beauty. They can enjoy swimming, boating, water skiing and scuba diving. The complex offers great accommodation facilities equipped with expensive and cheaper hotels.

There is a skate ramp located in the waters of beautiful Lake Tahoe. The idea of the project comes from the world famous professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist. Lake Tahoe with its beautiful blue color and the surrounding landscape has breathtaking view and because of that, it was the ideal location for a floating skate ramp. If your trick goes wrong and mistakenly fall through the ramp, you will land at “soft” surface water. What is better than that?

Spectacular dark blue color of the lake has long been the subject of discovery. Scientists believed it was due to the unusual pure water, but new research suggests that the cause of that are the algae which live in the lake. During the research is measured the blueness of the lake and then is combined with measurements of depth “Secchi “, the depth at which a white disk remains visible when is immersed in water. It is discovered that with the lower of the purity, the water is bluer. That fact suggesting that they dependent on various factors. Purity depends on the sediments and the blueness depends of the algae. The lake was actually the bluest when the concentration of algae was the slightest.

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