Lake Without Bottom – See The Extraordinary Beauty Of Blue Eye

So many lakes across the planet abound in real beauty in which you can enjoy. They are true works of art of nature. The most beautiful lakes in the world produce unique experience, visual wonder and fascinating underwater life. In that group we can placed Lake Blue Eye in Albania.

Lake Blue Eye in Albania is a natural phenomenon because has no bottom. The lake is actually a hole in which merging underground waters through it. The hole, which still has not been formally investigated, it is claimed that is deep about 45 meters. This natural phenomenon is located on the western slope of the mountain Mali near the road leading to the city of Saranda. Although swimming and snorkeling in Blue Eye are allowed, due to water whose temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, few are those who want to engage in such an adventure.

First man who dived into the Lake Blue Eye around 1984 was an environmental activist. The current was so strong that the activist almost descended his diving mask, so he was forced to keep it with his hands. The deeper he went, the current was getting stronger. The man came to a depth of 20 meters where felt that he could not continue, because the pressure of the river flowing out was unbearable.

Lake Blue Eye also has clear blue-green water, so you will be able to see every rock, plant or fish that live there. A small beach is located less than 5 meters away from the shore.

It is interesting that the tourists often come to visit Blue Eye to throw a pebble in the center of the lake, just because after a while the same pebble again will fizzled out. We highly recommend you to visit Lake Blue Eye, because you cannot see that extraordinary beauty every day.

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