Laponia – Magical Ice Land

Finns long time ago believed that the northern part of their country is the home of Santa Claus. Area of incredible, untouched nature with peaceful lakes, lush evergreen forests and mountains, this time of year is covered with thick layer of snow. Want to go to a place where you will be overwhelmed by winter mood? If the answer is positive, go to Laponia.

Laponia is the perfect place for a winter vacation. Although the days are short, it will be the slightest concern because here you will feel like a child. Winter fascinating story will beautify the long cold nights. If the winter is your season, Laponia is the perfect destination for you.

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Laponia is a region in northern Europe, located in the Arctic Circle. It extends on the territory of four different countries – Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. That place is home to reindeer, unusual weather seasons and of course, Santa Claus. Although it is not a state, takes up space that consists of four countries that are located on the northern part of Finland. The area has its own language, culture, habits and traditions, but no national boundaries. Cold Laponia has everything you need – huge frozen arctic tundra, dense forests and rugged coast. The area of 388 350 kilometers has about 2 300 000 inhabitants.

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Image by libargutxi via Flickr

This information includes the entire Laponia and not just the Finnish part. Laponia has four seasons, but characteristic of this region is that the winter lasts half a year and during the same period happens twilight. Then a few months there is no real daylight, because the position of the sun is below the horizon. During the twilight, locals and visitors often see remarkable northern lights in the sky, a natural phenomenon that contributes for the winter magic. This place is great tourist potential and lovers of cross-country skiing, snowmobiling or fast sleigh pulled by Husky can feel real enjoyment.

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