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Last Year Expo were There, Those Who Missed it this Year Can Visit Expo City Dubai

It has been 5 months since the truly unmissable “world’s greatest show” – the Dubai Expo 2020 ended. However – there is good news for those who missed out on visiting the Expo! The Dubai Expo is coming alive again with the UAE’s first 15-minute city – the “Expo” City, which will be inaugurated on September 1st.

During the exciting period of 6 months, from October 2021 to March 2022, the Dubai Expo 2020 welcomed more than millions of visitors from across the globe, leaving them with great memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Now is your chance to experience the vibes of this grand event all over again by opting for a UAE visit visa.

Free entry is available to expo city for its 3 entry points, Sustainability, Mobility, and the Dubai Exhibition Center. Each entry points to buggies ready at your service to ferry you to your chosen pavilion or attractions.

Visitors will have to purchase tickets to obtain access to the attractions. These tickets can be booked online or bought on-site. The Terra-Sustainability Pavilion and Alif-Mobility Pavilion have an entry price of Dh50 for visitors. At the same time, the entry to Garden in the Sky will cost you Dh30.

The Expo City visitors can also spend some quality time at Al Wasl Dome – where you can listen to birds chirping! One can also visit the large Forsan and Jubilee parks to enjoy the sight of the water feature for free.

The fans of the Dubai Expo can relive the 2020 expo experience with the Expo Explorer. Other options you have at the expo city to venture out are walking or taking an e-bike and buggy rides at an additional price.

Right now, there are no restaurants or eateries open at the site. However, many popular restaurants are scheduled to be opened in the upcoming days. Their opening will turn this place into an amazing venue to dine, eat, and enjoy the different views and entertainment.

There has been a complete renovation for the pathways and the public realm at Expo City so that all the visitors here can achieve their fitness goals.

Will a ticket be required to get into Expo City Dubai?

As per the organizers of the Expo City, this place will mostly be free for the public realm to visit. The visitors can either choose to walk or opt for paid services to move around, including buggies, the Expo Explorer, e-scooters, and e-bikes.

The Expo City features a handful of Dubai’s flagship pavilions from Expo 2020 to recreate the original event’s magic and match its energy and excitement with the technology and entertainment.

This city will also take in students under their Expo School Programme. The organizers have prepared a one-of-a-kind set of educational experiences involving interactive workshops and exhibits that reflect the themes of all the pavilions.

What are the Dubai Pavilions, Attractions to Reopen in Two Days?

Some key updates have already been announced regarding Expo City Dubai, related to its entry prices and timings. Although this city will open on October 1st, the visitors can begin to enjoy the experience of 2 of its pavilions and a popular attraction right from September 1st.

The organizers have announced that the Alif Mobility Pavilion and Terra Sustainability Pavilion are open for visitors starting September 1st. The tickets are priced at Dh50 per head and pavilion. The rotating observation deck known as the Garden in the Sky will have a ticket pricing of Dh30 per ride.

The hottest places from Dubai Expo 2020: Al Wasl Plaza and Surreal Water feature, will open in October. By the end of the year, the Opportunity Pavilion will become the Dubai Expo 2020 Museum, the newest inclusion that would highlight the impact of the World Expos. It will also celebrate the success of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Which other attraction is opening on the day?

The rotating observation tower – Garden in the Sky, which is a ride that lifts its visitors by 55 meters above the Expo site and offers them a 360° view, will also open.

This rotating observation deck, a flying garden, soars 55 meters above the ground. It has two decks – a tree-lined, open-air upper deck and an air-conditioned lower deck. They give you the 360° panoramic view of the entire 4.38 sqm Expo Site. The Garden in the Sky was among the top attractions during the 6 month long Expo, and it used to have hundreds of excited visitors lined up for their turn to experience an ethereal view from the top.

The best attractions at the pavilion are the 9 meters tall realistic figures of the Golden Age of Arab civilization, including the figurines of the ancient navigator Ahmad Ibn Majid and the famous explorer Ibn Battuta. In front of such tall figurines, you would feel like your presence is being dwarfed! You will be in awe of their innovations that helped to drive global mobility for centuries.

The name of the first pavilion is Alif, which is also the first Arabic alphabet. It holds a symbolic value of being the “beginning” of progress. It starts at the very beginning of the mobility journey. The visitors end their visit from this pavilion by looking into a future world full of possibilities.

The Terra (meaning planet earth) Sustainability Pavilion gives you an immersive experience with the wonders of nature. It shows you all the damage being done to our planet earth and highlights how you can make a difference in this world – before it gets too late. This pavilion’s visitors are encouraged to pledge to sustainability by making a positive change in their daily lifestyle. It can include promises to opt for no-meat days and choosing public transport over personal cars to reduce motor vehicle emissions.

It is built with a net-zero concept for energy (electricity) and water. This pavilion features 1055 photovoltaic panels that convert light into electricity. The panels are placed on its 130 meters wide roof canopy, on top of “Energy Trees.” This sustainable pavilion also has unique water conservation strategies, e.g., water recycling and creating alternative water resources.

How much do the tickets cost?

The tickets cost Dh50 per person and pavilion. They are available online on the Expo City Website and also on-site at 4 box offices. The Garden in the sky ride costs Dh30 per ride.

Do children have to get tickets?

All the children aged 12 or below get pavilion tickets for free. Garden of the sky ticket is free for children aged 5 or below. Furthermore, these tickets are also free for people with disabilities.

What are the timings?

When will other Expo attractions like Al Wasl Plaza and the water feature open?

These are the expo attractions that are going to be opened in October 2022:

Additionally, the opportunity Pavilion, which will reopen as the Expo 2020 Dubai Museum, is set to open later at the end of this year.

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