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Less-Known Museums In London You May Want To Visit

If you love museums you definitely adore London since there are so many world-renowned options to take into account like The Tate and The British Natural History Museum. However, what many do not know is that London is also the home for some museums that are much more different than what tourists expect. There is surely no shortage of available options, with the following being great opportunities, even if they are rarely included in the popular British Museum Tour packages.

The Old Operating Theatre

In the past, London surgeons were really weird. They performed amputations very fast and the methods used to treat people were questionable at best. Modern medicine is not as old as many think. If you want to take a look at the past so you see the inspiration for many modern horror movies, this is definitely the museum you want to visit in London. It even shows many medications that were used and that were highly inefficient.

Image by Betsy & Ian F-R via Flickr

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan you are definitely aware of the famous 221b Baker Street address. This is where the legend of the detective appeared and where a great museum is present right now. There are many interesting activities that are offered for visitors, like interrogating some characters or studying waxworks. There is even a Sherlock pipes collection that is quite popular.

Image by Kate B. via Flickr

The London Freud Museum

Freud is the reason why we have access to psychiatric help in modern medicine. In London this is praised with a museum dedicated to the philosopher. Freud’s antiques collection is actually present there, present in a destination that was family home in the past. Various conferences and events are held at the museum so if you are interested in psychology, you may want to check the calendar first to arrange a great visit.

Image by Alessandro Grussu via Flickr

The Fan Museum

Just as the name implies, this is a museum that is entirely dedicated to fans, the type that hangs from the ceiling. There are around 5,000 fans displayed from all over Earth. This includes a stunning feather and tortoiseshell fan from the 1920s and a fan leaf dating back from the year 1739. Grab your tea there to also enjoy the murals.

Image by Visit Greenwich via Flickr

Image by Visit Greenwich via Flickr

The Garden Museum

Beautiful gardens are practically appreciated for everyone. Right across Tate Britain you can visit this museum that can only be described as a beautiful oasis of greenery and calmness. It showcases some of the greatest gardens in Great Britain. The experience culminates with a unique one that is present and a collection of gardening tools, literature and art that goes over 400 years.

Image by KotomiCreations via Flickr

The Cartoon Museum

Close to the more visited British Museum you can visit this highly colorful destination. It includes different comic artworks that are ranging from the eighteenth century to modern times. You can check out some interesting exhibitions that include various Victorian works from cartoonists like the renowned John Leech or Punch, an artist that is highly respected in Great Britain.

Image by John Kannenberg via Flickr

Image by John Kannenberg via Flickr

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