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Give It Some Light: 5 Tips That You Should Follow When Lighting Your Bathroom

Similar with other areas in your house, it’s necessary to provide your bathroom with functional and stylish lighting solutions. However, the planning and the execution of the lighting design in your bathroom are not easy tasks.

First off, you should know that the primary purpose of bathroom lighting is safety and style. It’s a no-no to provide it with too much glare or not enough lighting as well. The positions of the light also have to be well-placed, and it’s also a must to choose the ideal type of lighting fixtures for your bathroom.

Thus, you should have an idea on how to provide your bathroom with the perfect lighting. Here are some pointers on how you can pull off this particular task successfully.

Make Sure There’s Ambient Lighting

You should consider an ambient lighting fixture in your bathroom because it serves as a substitute light when natural light can’t enter this particular area of your home. Ambient lighting is a type of lighting installed at the center of the bathroom to illuminate its perimeter.

Photo by Kelly & Stone Architects

It’s an excellent idea to select a pendant light with a translucent shade or a mini chandelier if you have a tall bathroom ceiling. These fixtures not only give functional lighting, but they also provide a stylish atmosphere for your bathroom.

Highlight the Essential Aspects of Your Bathroom with Accent Lights

Accent lighting is useful when you have something to highlight in your bathroom. Modern house decor nowadays often have a work of art displayed in the bathroom, and it’s advisable to use accent lights to focus the light on each unique features of this area.

Photo by Rosemarie Allaire Lighting Design

Indeed, accent lighting is an essential type of lighting that can provide style to your bathroom. With it, you can make this room look attractive.

Get the Work Done With Task Lighting

Proper task lighting is one of the lighting fixtures that you should not miss out when it comes to providing an ideal lighting design for your bathroom. Task lighting fixtures give illumination for you to do the bathroom tasks such as bathing and grooming.

One type of task lighting that you should install in your vanity room are wall sconces. It’s a must that you mount a pair of this lighting fixture at eye level on each side of your mirror. Wall sconces allow an excellent distribution of light for you to see yourself clearly in the mirror.

Photo by Modus Design Studio

When you’re brushing your teeth, shaving, or doing your makeup, for instance, wall sconces are there to help finish your task quickly and successfully.

One excellent tip for installing task lighting in the bathroom is that you should never put it above the mirror. When you put task lights above it, the light will illuminate the vanity area more intensely and cast shadows which highlights your facial features.

Consider Installing Dimmers

If you want to control the amount of light in your bathroom, it’s advisable to install dimmers for that purpose. Dimmers not only provide you with control, but they also create the ideal ambiance in your bathroom.

Photo by Standard Plumbing Supply

In a small area like the powder room, using dimmers can also give the necessary light that ambient, accent, and task lighting do. It can also save you a significant amount of money because dimmers are energy-efficient.

Prioritize Safety

You should prioritize safety when it comes to the planning of your bathroom lighting design. After all, the water in your bathroom and the electricity to power your bathroom lights are still dangerous companions.

Photo by Solid Apollo LED

It’s crucial that there’s a ground-fault circuit interrupter or GFCI in your home. GFCI is a useful circuit breaker that can prevent ground-fault by as quick as 1/40 of a second. Thus, it’s a must that you hire an expert when it comes to the lighting design of your bathroom.


Lighting is an essential aspect of your bathroom design. Not only that it provides safety while doing your tasks in the bathroom, but lighting also creates the style to it.

Thus, you should install the right lighting for this vital area in your home. If you’re living in Australia and want to install bathroom lighting or do a renovation of your bathroom,  you can contact firms like bathroom renovations Melbourne for that purpose.

Author Bio:

Phoebe Jones is a home improvement blogger. She provides tips on how to pull off a great modern kitchen design as well as guidelines on what types of lighting you should install in your bathroom. Phoebe is also an avid film enthusiast and traveler.

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