Lipari Island Through 8 Awesome Photos

Lipari is one of the most beautiful island of the Aeolian Islands and also is the largest one. It is located at the northern coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian  sea. Total area of Lipari is 14.29 squares miles and population is 11.000 people, but for the summer time this number is growing. Italy is definitely  one of the most magnificent country in the world that give so much to the tourist. There people can see amazing landscapes, fairy tale islands, old architecture, brilliant churches, awesome cities. Also Italy have very delicious traditional food that is well known in all over the world.

If you want to spent your summer vacation with your family in some very peaceful place where you can enjoy, then we suggest to you to go at Lipari Island. There you can relax at the brilliant sunny beaches, crystal clear water, amazing landscapes and enjoy in the delicious traditional Italian food.

Summer is so near to us so if you still don’t decided where you want to go and to do in the summer, after you will see this 8 awesome pics of beautiful Lipari Island in Italy, maybe  you will find your perfect destination for your summer vacation.

Image By Kori Meyer Via Flickr

Image By Peter F. Via Flickr

Image By Harald Selke Via Flickr

Image By Maria Rosaria Sannino Via Flickr

Image By Gavin Burrows Via Flickr

Image By Gavin Burrows Via Flickr

Image By einsfuenfsechsvier Via Flickr

Image By Gavin Burrows Via Flickr

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