A little Village Zalipie in Poland will Flower up your Day

Once upon a time, in a small village in Poland called Zalipie, someone drew a flower on their ceiling in order to cover the stains caused by the stove. In that time the ventilation was poor, so there were stains in many houses, and people started drawing small flowers to cover them.

Soon after that, everything in this village was covered with flowers, from the houses and barns, to bridges and churches, and every spring starting from 1948 in this village there was a competition for most colored houses called “Malowana Chata”.

The original goal of this competition was Poland to mentally to heal from all the damage caused during the World War 2.

Today Zalipie is far ahead of those dark times. Zalipie is located in the Southeastern part of Poland, only 90 minutes drive from Krakow and this place is a perfect location for each one that seeks unique and interesting travel.

Although this village is so picturesque and charming it is not invaded by tourists.

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