27 Locations Where Game of Thrones is Filmed – Part 1

Winter is Coming… This is the slogan for the fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, by R.R. Martin. The first novel is called Game of Thrones so the whole TV series is having this name. So far 4 seasons passed and R.R. Martin keeps surprising all of us. The events shocks everyone, even those that have read the books. With each season of Game of Thrones the number of viewers is rising exponentially. With it’s shocking plot, when R.R. Martin creates a character that everyone loves and then kills it, the show is getting more and more interesting. Beside the plot that is happening in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and beyond the Wall, the producers found many interesting places on earth to film those scenes of Game of Thrones. The main locations are in Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Croatia, Malta and Morocco.

Today we give you a list of those places how they really look. They are devastatingly beautiful. Look at some of those and stay tuned for other parts.

Magheramorne Quarry, Northern Ireland, UK (Castle Black Filming Site)

This is the place where in Game of Thrones you will see Jon Snow climbing the all and all fights with the wilding. Place where Ygritte died in the hands of Jon Snow. In real this place is not really a big wall of ice right?

Image by via winteriscoming

Dubrovnik, Croatia (King’s Landing and Blackwater Bay)

The King;s Landing, where everything happens. Where the Iron Throne is and everyone fights for it. Who to be king. The reason why the series is called Game of Thrones is because everyone play a role in those games. And the King’s Landing is the place where most of the games are played. And the Blackwater Bay is the place where Stannis Baratheon attacked, and the big battle.

Image by Zlatko Unger via Flickr

Klis Fortress, Split, Croatia (City of Meereen when Daenerys freed the slaves)

In Split, at Klis Fortress is filmed the scene when slaves line the city walls of Meereen, and Daenerys’ champion Daario Naharis fights the champion of the city.

Image by Gigi Griffis via Flickr

Shane’s Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK (Turney Grounds, King’s Landing)

This places is where the Tournaments were held in King’s Landing. You can’t say that the producers of Game of Thrones didn’t have work finding all this special places.

Image by Kenneth Allen via Wikimedia

Aït-Ben-Haddou, Marrakech, Morocco (Yunkai and Pentos)

In this fictional world, this beautiful places in Morocco that lays 100 km southeast of Marrakech is turned into the Yunkai, the smallest city in Slaver’s Bay and Pentos, the biggest of the Free Cities.

Image by Chris Zielecki via Flickr

Mdina Gate, Malta (King’s Landing Gate)

The Mdina Gate of Malta is the place where Catelyn and Ser Rodrik Cassel entered King’s Landing to investigate the attack of Bran.

Image by tim_d via Flickr

Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland, UK (Lordsport)

Ballintoy Harbour or in the Game of Thrones known as Lordsport is the port of Pyke in the Iron Islands. This is the place where Theon Greyjoy returns to the Iron Islands.

Image by Gordon McKinlay via Flickr

Grjótagjá, Iceland (Jon and Ygritte love nest)

One of the most interesting scenes and the scene of a different kind of love, happened in Grjótagjá. Only one scene was filmed here and it is the place when Jon Snow made love with Ygritte.

Image by Alessandro Grussu via Flickr

Doune Castle, Scotland (Winterfell)

Winterfell scenes were shot here. It is the Doune Castle that is built in the 13th century and rebuilt at the end of 14th century. This castle is a place where many scenes of different films are made.

Image by mastahanky via Flickr

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