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Long Term or Short-Term Airport Parking? Don’t get Confused, just Follow these Tips

Most of the people find it comforting to leave their car inside our garage or leave it to a friend before leaving to airport for a tour. However, airport parking has become very popular nowadays, especially if you are a busy traveler or you a tourist. With so many benefits to offer, more and more travelers are opt to park their car at a secure and affordable airport parking. There are differences between airport parking options and each are made for a different need. If you are having trouble to decide the best option for yourself, next few lines will help you choose which parking solution is best for you.

What to choose Short Term or Long-Term Parking

When you go to a parking area, there are generally two options to select from, short term and long-term parking. Short term parking is good for you if you only want to leave your car for a few hours. Short-term airport parking usually priced by the hour and is closely located to airports. They are more affluent than long term parking but you’ll surely have discounts when you stay for a few days. Long-term parking is perfect if you want to leave your vehicle for more than a seven-days. They are some advantages of long-term parking than short term parking and you can also book in advance to secure space during rush hours. If you’re looking for a low-cost car parking at Melbourne airport, you have to decide according to your needs. There are some amazing airport car parking deals available at Melbourne airport, but you need to work out for that. Almost every airport has both long-term and short-term parking options available with pre-reservation and for additional payment. Additional to the official airport parking specs, private lots are available around the airport at different rates. For example, if you are travelling to Seattle, you can check the Seatac airport parking options to organize in advance where to leave your car before or after take-off.

Terminal Parking

In terminal parking, you just park your car near the exit area and you are certain that it will be safe. Terminal parking areas are typically made up of several parking buildings. However, they generally have height limitations that limit the types of vehicles allowed to enter.

Valet parking

Also known as Meet and Greet Parking, this is the most appropriate among all parking options. When you are in a peak hour, this one is perfect for you. You just have to call your service provider, wait for the concern driver to arrive at a desired location, hand over your car keys and he’ll be the one to park the car safely for you. Upon returning after your trip, just wait for the company driver at your agreed place, he’ll return your keys and you can accessibly drive back home. There are different technology based services to help you find a good service. With all these conveniences, this type also comes with a price.

Terminal Curb-side Parking

If you took a taxi or your friend drove you to the airport, parking at the curb-side of the airport is enough. This area only allows you to unload your baggage and bans the driver from staying too long in the parking area.

How to Choosing Between Short, Medium or Long-Stay Parking

The common misunderstanding between these three is that people think it refers to how long their tour will be. In fact, these three refers to the remoteness of a parking area to the airport. Short and medium-stay parking is located within the borders of the airport, also called as on-airport. They are usually just a few meters away from the airport, within walking distance. Long-stay parking is far from the airport and they usually offer shuttle service to take you to the airport. Long stay is the most economical among them. You don’t need to fear about your vehicle when you travel. As long as you pick the right parking company from a trusted and proven service provider, you’ll be assured that your car is in safe hands.

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