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Longleat Hedge Maze – Difficult, But Interesting Challenge For Tourists

Have you had a chance in life to walk through the gardens in the form of a maze? They are secretive, exciting, beautiful and full of right and wrong paths. Labyrinths attract attention wherever they are and also are an integral part of splendid gardens and palaces. So, we need you opportunity through this article to get familiar with Longleat Hedge Maze.

With 2.5 km twists, this maze of hedges is the largest in the world and the nature around it is beautiful, if you ever find the exit. Longleat Hedge Maze is located in the garden of the villa in Loglit, near the village Horningsham, England. Built and opened in 1975, this maze is composed of 16,000 roots of hedges.

The amount of the Longleat Hedge Maze is about 2.5 meters which curls around 6 built bridges and a central observation tower. To find the end of the maze you should not go on the sides, but at the center. Longleat Hedge Maze ends at tower in the middle.

So far, the trimming of 16,000 trees in the Longleat Hedge Maze that is part of one of the largest mazes in the world was the painstaking work that could be completed with a team of five workers for a period of one month.
But now gardeners have discovered a new method for finding the exit of labyrinths while working. The solution consists of wearing high crutches that helps at workers to get in the greater height of the trees.

Longleat Hedge Maze for years was a difficult challenge for the guests who came to visit the vast green area, but cleverness visitors recently using their “smart” phones, or application “Google Earth” to find the way out of the intricate maze. Despite maze, there you can see and explore a large safari park freely walking over 500 exotic species.

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