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Look at the Blue Village in the Spanish Home of Smurfs!

Hundreds of years ago, the small houses in the village Juzkar, near Malaga in the Spanish province of Andalusia were whitewashed, so there was nothing particularly remarkable about this Spanish village with about 220 inhabitants and an area of ​​33 square kilometers. Place that year was attended by only a few hundred tourists, today is one of the main attractions of the Spanish, and it is all thanks to the great “renovation” that this village has experienced in 2011.

In fact, until two years ago, this place was usually village where villagers lived a normal, ordinary life without major visit by tourists, but today, they even live on tourism, and it is all thanks to the producers of “Sony Pictures” studio.

Thus, in 2011, the producers started looking village in Andalusia whose white houses would be painted blue, and the choice fell exactly at this wonderful place.

First, residents were skeptical, but marketing professionals convinced that this is just a promotional stunt for the premiere of the film “The Smurfs” and that it will make this village can be singled out from the rest.

In addition enjoy in a walk through the blue fairy tale village of  Smurfs!

Image by manuelfloresv via Flickr

Image by manuelfloresv via Flickr

Image by manuelfloresv via Flickr

And so, in 2011, after the vote of the people and the promise that after the premiere of their homes will again be restored original color, then snowy white houses turned into homes blue heaven that simple impressed. When spraying the houses were used more than 4,000 gallons of blue paint and also Juzkar village become village of Smurfs. After the transformation, all that happened in this village had connections with Smurfs.

Image by manuelfloresv via Flickr

Image by CEDER Serranía de Ronda via Flickr

Image by Landahlauts via Flickr

Image by Landahlauts via Flickr

“Fever” went so far as even local church perceived characteristics of the Smurfs, they even prepare also small weddings etc. blue weddings. This, then usually the village, then turned into a real world and a unique attraction.

Thus, the decision was made today, the village remains Juzkar attracts huge number of tourists worldwide as the world’s only attraction, and according to the latest information from the preceding hundred tourists annually, today the village of Smurfs come and more than 80,000 visitors!

Image by Landahlauts via Flickr

Image by Nukamari via Flickr

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