Major Advantages of Installing Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Behind the Counter

When a person cooks meals in a kitchen, the walls are highly stained due to the oils and spices used in the cooking procedure. Since these stained walls make the kitchen look ugly, modern builders and house owners prefer to install glass kitchen splashbacks. Though the kitchen splashbacks can be made of tiles, mosaic or polished wood, glass is the most preferred material for this purpose. Glass splashbacks are the best ones because they are tough, non-corrosive and you can also customize the designs if you want.

Different reasons for choosing glass kitchen splashbacks:

#1. Impressive Appearance: The shiny surface of glass imparts a classy look to the entire kitchen, irrespective of the interior decor of that space. The glass kitchen splashbacks reflect the natural or electric light, making the kitchen much brighter. Usually, the glass may be of vibrant red, purple, blue, and lime green colours, for which the kitchen looks more elegant. You can add more glamour to the kitchen interior by mixing glass and tile designs.

Photo by CreoGlass Design

#2. Easy Maintenance: All stains caused due to cooking can be easily wiped off from the slippery glass surface, making the cleaning of kitchen walls very simple for homemakers. If brownish stain is caused behind the gas oven due to the flames, a mild cleaning agent is enough to eradicate that undesired mark. As the glass surface contains no crack or crevice, and hence it becomes easier to use.

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#3. Customized Patterns: The glass slabs used for making splashbacks are available in various colours and designs, which can be customized as well. Thus, house owners can get many options while choosing their glass kitchen splashbacks, matching with the interior colour scheme used in their kitchens. Moreover, these glass pieces can be personalized into different sizes and shapes, as per the dimensions of wall space designated for placing the splashbacks.

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#4. Simple Installation: Unlike the installations of mosaic slabs or tiles, glass sheets can be easily installed over the concrete walls of the kitchen, simply with the help of screws or strong adhesives. Thus, only a short time is needed for this installation process and the kitchen is ready for use very quickly. However, experienced professionals need to be hired for cutting the glass slabs perfectly according to the dimensions of a wall.

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#5. Better Heat Resistance: Only thick and good quality glass is used for using as splashbacks, which will be able to stand the high temperatures of a gas oven. Hence, house owners do not need to worry about the durability of their glass kitchen splashbacks, as other materials are easily damaged due to this high temperature of the oven. Imagine keeping a hot container on the tabletop in your kitchen, or imagine while you cook, all the dirt, grime and soot clinging on to the wall. With glass splashbacks you will not have this problem.

Photo by Danny Broe Architect

#6. More Cost-Effective: The prices of glass splashbacks are quite affordable by common house owners, as glass is easily available material. Moreover, the high durability of these glass sheets prevents the extra expense of homeowners in replacing these splashbacks within a few years. The easy cleaning process of glass kitchen splashbacks also saves their money in maintenance of the kitchen.

Photo by Lucy G Printed Image Splashbacks

However, house owners need to check the quality of glass while choosing the materials for glass kitchen splashbacks at their homes. Therefore, they should buy these necessary things only from reputed brands. Expert professionals hired for its installation may guide their clients in selecting the best materials for this purpose. People may also check the websites of manufacturers for knowing details of the highly rated glass splashbacks available in the market.

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