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How To Make A Dog Happy When You Go Out

Modern life is busy. So many of us spend a lot of our time away from home because of work or social engagements. Having a dog and being away from him for many hours can be stressful for the little one. The dog can end up feeling anxious or can simply destroy some things because of frustration. It is important to help the dog fight off social anxiety. You do this in various different ways.

Getting The Dog Used To You Leaving

The first thing you should do is to make the dog as comfortable as possible when at home. Head over to Paw Castle and see what he would need. Then, you want to get the dog used to you leaving by doing it for shorter periods of time at first. That is especially the case when you have a younger dog as he can get used to everything faster. Most dogs become accustomed to being alone for periods of up to 8 hours but this does not mean you have to do this from the start.

If you have to leave for a few days, you want to leave your little one with someone that has experience in caring for dogs. Your friend may be great with everything but not know that much about caring for dogs and his house may not even be pet proof.

When you leave the dog at a care center or with a dog sitter, you want to meet up with those people so you can see exactly where the dog is going to spend time. Between the dog and the sitter there has to be a good loving connection that is formed or the experience would be traumatic for the little one.

All Dogs Are Different

Dogs are not the same and the one person that knows the dog best is the owner. This is something that should always be taken into account. If you know the dog has some problems, sitters need to know about it. Besides that, be sure that you consider the following to get the dog used to you leaving:

Take the dog out before leaving

When dogs are tired it is much easier for them to be happier and calmer as you are going out.

Get a collar with your phone number on it

Even if you stay at home with your dog he should wear a dog collar that includes your phone number. Even if the dog tries to run away, he will be easier to find.

Working Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detectors

You never know when an emergency happens and you are not at home. A sticker should be put on the window saying exactly how many pets are present in the home.

Close exit points and make sure enough water is present

Dogs miss owners when they are away. They may try to escape so they can join you. That is why you have to double check absolutely all windows and doors. Also, dogs always need to have as much water as they need based on how long you will be away.

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