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How to Make Your Guest Bedroom Feel Like Home

Do you all have a home away from home? If so, what exactly is it that makes it feel like a home away from home for you? For some people, it’s the warm and cozy bed that you just sink in, while its the privacy that does it for others.

Preparing for house guests is not an easy task, but once all the preparations are done, everything else falls into place. You want to ensure that your guests are having a good experience while in your home, and in order to do that, there are a few things you need to do to be successful.

Choose the Most Spacious Room

If you’re having house guests, whether it’s just for a weekend or for a week and a half, they’re going to have luggage and will need a big enough room to hold their belongings.

There are two kinds of house guests typically. You have your light packers; these are guests who pack just enough for the time that they are staying. Then you have your over-packers; these are guests who pack two weeks worth of clothing and personal items when they are only visiting for a short time frame.

Regardless of what type of visitors you have, you want to be sure you have room for either type of visitor.

Top Notch Bedding

Part of what makes a guest’s visit amazing is the bedding. Whether your visitors have traveled by bus, plane, car, or train their body is exhausted from the trip. The worst thing you can do for your house guests is provide them with terrible bedding.

In order for your guests to have the ultimate rest and sleeping experience, you have to indulge them in luxury bedding. You don’t always know what type of bedding your guests may use in their own home, but you want them to always remember you by how nice you treated them and how comfortable your home was.

Storage Space

The hotels provide storage space, so why can’t you? Having an empty closet and drawers is a sign to your guests that you are prepared for their visit and that they can make themselves at home by placing their personal items wherever they see fit.

Having an empty closet and drawer space allows your guests to not “live out of their suitcase.” Nobody really enjoys having to go through the hassle of pulling everything out of your suitcase to get to a shirt that’s at the very bottom, only to have to put everything you just pulled out, back in.

Even having an extra ironing board and iron in the closet is just a small way of showing that you are attentive to their possible needs.

So if you really want to make an impression on your guests, leave them some empty drawers and an empty closet…you’ll definitely feel the appreciation.

Minimal Decor

If your guest bedroom is designated for guests only, then there should be no personal items in the room. Keep it simple and customize your guest bedroom how you like.

Placing a nice lamp and alarm clock on the nightstand would actually be quite helpful for your guests, especially if they have an early morning flight to catch, upon them leaving your house. Even setting a vase with nice flowers on a dresser is also a nice subtle touch. Remember, less is always more.


Privacy is important when you have house guests. Having a nice set of curtains is always a plus. If you get room darkening curtains, that will not only look nice, but will be very helpful in the slumber of your guests.

After all the traveling, the last thing your guests would want is to be woken up from their sleep by the sun beaming on their faces. Not only that, but you may have neighbors…nosey neighbors at that! So it’s always a good idea to be on the safe side with windows. A nice set of curtains will do or even blinds, you just want to ensure their privacy isn’t violated.

Be Our Guest

When you have visitors in your house, you want to be sure they have the ultimate hospitality experience. Something as simple as leaving a little bedside note is something that would be memorable for your guests.

No they’re not staying at a 5 star hotel, but that doesn’t mean their experience can’t be of 5 star quality. I’m sure if they wanted to stay at a 5 star hotel, they would, but they’re choosing to spend their time with you, so why not go the extra mile and show them some hospitality.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your guests have a good time and always remember their stay with you.

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