Make Your London Tour Memorable with These Christmas Tours

London is a treasure trove of luminous days out and exhilarating activities worth bragging about. If you’re planning a trip to this city on this Christmas, you’re spoilt for never-ending varieties. The city never sleeps and you could explore it for months. From historical places to high style shopping malls, glitzy street markets to fine dining experiences, London has the impeccable beauty to leave you in awe.

Here we’ve rounded up a list of some amazing London Christmas Tours that are surely the fab ways to discover and capture the best views of this iconic city.

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London Night Sightseeing Tour

Explore the charisma of London after dark with this 1.5 hour of London. The tour includes London’s most captivating attractions. You will witness the sheer beauty of London’s gorgeously lit buildings lining its busy streets. Pass along London’s Piccadilly, which is an abode to elegant shops like Mason. Then, gawk at St Paul’s Cathedral and you’ll be in awe as it is the second largest church in England. Learn about the London Eye, which beautifully illuminates the Southbank with its multihued lights.

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Full Day Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour in London

The remarkable tour gives you the opportunity to explore haughty London in all its chaste grandeur. With this hop on hop off bus tour you get the liberty to explore the city in depth. World famous London’s attractions like spectacular Westminster Abbey, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tower of London are a part of this tour. This is not the end of this journey; you still have many distinguished places to explore like vibrant Piccadilly, Regent Street and world celebrated Oxford Street.

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Take an Outstanding Harry Potter Walking Tour

Make your Christmas vacation peppery with this stunning tour. Christmas at Hogwarts is no less than like a heavenly experience. So, bring the high spirits of festival season to life with a Harry Potter tour, which will take you through striking Leadenhall Market. The market is the real spot of Diagon Alley, which makes it simply perfect for picking souvenirs for your loved ones.

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Wrap up your Journey with Boxing Day Tour

Head out of your home on Boxing Day to witness the elegant beauty of 5,000 year old monoliths of Stonehenge on this Christmas. The historical place looks more magical and eye-catching at the festival time. This tour gives you the chance to experience the history of England. You can enjoy the picturesque views of Windsor Castle, ancient Stonehenge, Lacock, and the like. Before heading to the striking village of Lacock you’ll enjoy a sumptuous meal in a charming pub.

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Sounds and Sights of London Tours

With this panoramic afternoon tour, you get the marvelous chance to spend an idyllic Christmas Day exploring the beautiful sights of the city. Watch out London’s most renowned attractions and drench your mind and soul profoundly in the festival spirits as your tour guide will tell interesting facts about the royal capital of England. Your eye balls will rotate over some greatest landmarks, including Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, Tower of London, and Big Ben in all their Christmas finery.

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Enjoy a Lavish Meal with City Cruises

Feel the magic in the air in this Christmas by booking this City Cruises! Wish to do something a bit different on this Christmas? Glide smoothly along the Thames and relish a glass of sparkling wine with your pals to start your lunch cruise in London. The ultramodern sightseeing boat features big glass windows, open-air deck and roomy passages for sightseeing at the best! On the deck, you’ll enjoy delicious meal courses, followed by non-alcoholic beverages, which completes your feast in the picturesque surroundings.

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