How to Make the Most of Your Smartphone When Travelling

Traveling is something that millions of people enjoy each and every year and a smartphone can be a huge asset while traveling. How do you make the most of this technological goldmine that is at your fingertips? Here are five tips for making the most of your smartphone the next time you travel.


When visiting a new and exotic place for a specified amount of time it is important to make sure that you are going to get the most out of your experience by booking each and every free moment. This does not necessarily mean making appointments and reservations, though your smartphone can be very handy in this respect, but rather making a schedule of your time so that you can make sure you are going to be able to see everything you want and that you are not going to miss out. Downloading a planner app is great for traveling as you can budget and make note of how you are going to spend your time.

Reservations and Booking

Another helpful hint when using your smartphone while traveling is to use it to make reservations, check reservations, and simply make appointments during your time wherever you are. A good smartphone from T-Mobile such as the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and its capabilities, can be as handy as a laptop computer with all its built in functions and downloadable apps, and can be far easier to use and to carry around with you so that you can check your schedule and see what reservations you have.


Another great use of your smartphone while traveling is to use it as a mobile map. You can use the preinstalled mapping program that is on your phone or you can download a geographically specific app or map that allows you to see where you are going, where you have been, and where you want to go all in an interactive platform in the palm of your hands.

Mobile Information

Yet another great tip for your smart phone while traveling is to use it as your mobile information center. Are you out on the town for the day and you want to know what time a gallery or museum closes? Take out your phone and find out. Want to know what restaurants are open and are great in the area, you can find out on your smartphone. Your phone is a treasure trove of information and you can use it just about anywhere to connect and see what you can do wherever you are.

Pictures and Documentation

That last great tip for making the most out of your smartphone while traveling is to be sure to take plenty of pictures. Most phone plans offer some sort of cloud storage so that you can store your pictures and share them with friends and family that may not have been able to come with you on your trip. Photos are the best way to commemorate your time wherever you decide to go and using your smartphone to take photos is a great way to have all your memories with you all the time.

Your smartphone has the ability to be a one stop that allows you to complete a wide range of functions without having to worry about taking a map or a planner or a phone book or a camera. Using your smartphone is one way that you can be sure you are going to see and enjoy everything that’s on offer wherever you end up traveling.

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