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Making a Disney Inspired Bedroom

It’s not one of the points of parenthood that is frequently discussed, but, sooner or later, you are going to have to work out how to paint a selection of Disney heroes onto your child’s bedroom wall. Disney films are all part of the ‘rite of passage of childhood’ and creating a Disney inspired bedroom can be a wonderful gift to your child.

Firstly, it doesn’t all have to come down to what you do with the walls – you can also use furniture to capture a Disney vibe. A Disney themed carriage bed, available from lots of furniture sites, makes a great centre piece for a Disney themed room. It also means that all you have to do is paint the rest pink. Result.

Image: Houzz

In fact, many themed bedrooms rely on the bed as the centre piece. Whether you do jungle style bunk beds or a Finding Nemo room with this turtle bed, you’re bound to create a Disney wonderland with ease.

If you simply can’t get away with painting your child’s favourite princess, prince, or assorted characters on the walls, then you can use stencils to make sure that you get the likeness right. Decorative headboards and fairy-tale, heart shaped mirrors like the one in the image below are not hard to come by, so be creative when you are looking for ways to transform a bedroom into a Disney paradise, as you can get many of these items fairly cheaply.

Image: Homedit

Other than furniture and mirrors, the classic way to create a Disney room is wallpaper. Choose the movie or character that your child likes most, apply the wallpaper paste and let the magic begin. If wallpaper is too much of a hustle for you, you can achieve a similar effect with a mural or canvas.

Image source: Photowall

Image: Houzz

If you are looking for even more inspiration in creating a Disney themed bedroom, check out this list from Homes and Hues. It contains some amazing bedrooms, and a lot of great ideas about how to tackle the project yourself.

Image by shelly central via Flick

It’s not hard to use your imagination and create a bedroom that your child will love. With the right inspiration and the right characters, you can make sure that bedtime never becomes a problem again. By letting your child help decorate their room, it will feel even more special to them!

Image: Houzz

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