Mauritius – a Heaven for Ultimate Relaxation

Mauritius is a island and a Republic in Indian Ocean about 2000 km west from Africa. The Republic of Mauritius consist not only from the main island Mauritius but also of Rodrigues, Agalega and archipelago of Saint Brandon. Here you will get amazed first of the long and endless sandy beaches. The main income here is the tourism. People of Mauritius are multicultural and multiethnic. Here you can hear many language and people are speaking their native language Mauritian Creole, English, French and some Asian languages. This means you will never have hard time understanding with the people living here.

The minimal temperature here is 33 C which sometimes can be exhausting. This combined with the great time at the beaches on Indian Ocean can often result in skin burns. Mauritius is not only an island with beaches. Here you can enjoy in the green grounds and watch the different and unusual types of animals.

As a tourist you should know that this island is well known and visited by people from around the world. Mauritius possesses different types of natural  and manmade attractions, tropical climate with warm Indian Ocean waters, endless and attractive beaches, a great biodiversity consisted of unusual flora and fauna, and all that complemented with multiethnic, multicultural and multilingual welcoming population.

Never hesitate. If a trip to Mauritius fits in your budget, don’t miss it! Catch a plane and get there…

Le Morne Brabant Peninsula, Mauritius

Image by Sofitel So Mauritius via Flickr

Panorama View from Le Morne Mountain

Image by …your local connection via Flickr

Black River Gorges National Park

Image by Sofitel So Mauritius via Flickr

Deer Island, Mauritius

Image by Andrey Voronov via Flickr

Beach Resort

Image by Samovar Incentive via Flickr


Image by Samovar Incentive via Flickr

Hotel Beach

Image by Andrey Voronov via Flickr

Night Dance

Image by Samovar Incentive via Flickr

Jump into Waterfall

Image by Samovar Incentive via Flickr

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