Meet Bibury Village Through 10 Spectacular Photos

Bibury is one of the most beautiful and most visited village in  Gloucestershire, England. The village is situated on the River Coln, about 6.5 miles northeast of Cirencester.  On the inside cover of all United Kingdom passports you can see the picture of Bibury. This is a prove that this village is one of the most visited and most beautiful place in England. The Bibury village is most known for its honey-coloured seventeenth century stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs. Bibury Court is the most largest buildnig there, built in 1633.

If you want to escape from the noise of the big cities and enjoy in the small village from the seventeenth century with amazing architecture and beautiful landscapes then we suggest to go to Bibury village in England. In this article you can see 10 brilliant pictures of Bibury village that will gonna make you to wish to visit one day. This village is a great destination for those who enjoy in the old architecture and peaceful places. Also this photos are prove that architecture from seventeenth century is one of the most beautiful.  

Image by Musa GÜLEÇ via Flickr

Image by nicki-alex via Flickr

Image by Robin Ducker via Flickr

Image by Anguskirk via Flickr

Image by Skip via Flickr

Image by Ade46 via Flickr

Image by Márcio Cabral de Moura via Flickr

Image by Márcio Cabral de Moura via Flickr

Image by Paul-in-London via Flickr

Image by Stephen Lee via Flickr

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