Meet Colorful Rizzi – The Happiest House in The World

Would you like to visit something extraordinary and funny? When a talented architect and gifted artist will bring together their power, the result is a beautiful house in which everyone would like to live and work. In the German city Braunschweig is located the happiest construction of the world, which will improve your mood in the same second when you look at it. Because of the unusual design that building represent the real tourist attraction.

Residents of the German town proudly represent giant puzzle house Rizzi and noted in the list of mandatory tourist attractions. This happy people have the happiest house. If you had a chance to visit Rizzi house certainly will be the person with the biggest smile on your face. Otherwise, this small town in Germany despite the happiest house also has a mysterious benefactor. A few years ago the poor residents of the city by mail received 10,000 euros from an anonymous donor.

Happiest house in the world is called Happy Rizzi and can be found in the historical center in Germany. It was renovated years ago, but meritorious for it are the architect Konrad Kloster and artist James Rizzi. Happy House is a mix of pop – art and cartoons and is a unique architectural design that attracts children and adults.

On the foundations of the old palace which is located on the corner of two streets, the creative duo came up with amazing fun building which unfortunately, serves exclusively as office space. Imagination, hard work and great ideas has turned rusty wreck in playful house that immediately won the title for the happiest house in the world. Now, beautiful bright colors, smiling faces and cheerful unusual detail embellish ordinary everydayness of citizens.

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