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Meet Sweden Through 8 Pictures

Sweden or Kingdom of Sweden is one of the most beautiful and most visited Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. The climate is temperate. Total area of Sweden is 173.732 squares miles and the population is 9.517 million people. One of the major economical, political, industrial and tourist places in Sweden is Stockholm.

Sweden is best known for its amazing buildings, historical places, awesome landscapes, old architectures and magnificent castles. Also Sweden have very delicious traditional food. If you want to forget all of your problems and relax you definitely should go in Sweden. Also if you still don’t know where you want to spent your summer vacation, we suggest to you to go in Sweden. Its a great place for those who wants to explore some new places. There you can see a lot of beautiful places such as: Regalskeppet Vasa Drottningholm palace, Gripsholms slott… Also in Sweden are situated  the most beautiful cities in Europe such as: Orebr, Stockholm, Kalmar and Goteborg.  If you decide to go in Sweden definitely should visit some of these cities.

In this article you can see 8 astonishing pictures of Sweden, that you will fill like you are there and enjoy in the beauty that this country offer to us.

Beautiful building in Örebr

Image By Tiberio Frascari Via Flickr

Bridge in Stockholm

Image By Tiberio Frascari Via Flickr

Castle in Kalmar

Image By Tiberio Frascari Via Flickr

Church in Sigtuna

Image By Tiberio Frascari Via Flickr

Drottningholm palace, Stocklom

 Image by Claudio Alejandro Mufarrege via Flickr


Image By Tiberio Frascari Via Flickr

Gripsholms slott, Mariefred

Image By Tiberio Frascari Via Flickr

Regalskeppet Vasa, Stockolm

Image By Tiberio Frascari Via Flickr

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