Miami to Cuba, a Boat Holiday Itinerary

Long days spent on the water are a world away from the realities of contemporary life. Most jobs are now inside and exert the mind more than the body. So getting away to sail is a welcome break.

A change of pace is possible for a boat holiday, there are countless lakes in the US which offer tranquility and calm. However, ports have parties. The flux of new people creates an atmosphere geared towards fun. You can hop from port to port eating, drinking and having a good time.

In Miami during December there is the Holiday Boat Parade. Put on by the Miami Outboard Club each year the parade is an established part of the City of Miami’s Holiday Magic festivities. Since 1998 there has been a core group of captains that have decorated their boats and sail through the Bay waters. It is a charitable event that collected and donated toys to over 1,000 children. There are now over 100 boats participating in the parade.

Growing from humble beginnings in 1998 to a considerable size now the Boat Parade now has a whole set of events orbiting around it. There are fireworks, black tie events, community-run projects and an award ceremony are all going on around the same time.

Ensure you prepare well for any trip. Having the right equipment is a must. For travelling overland or whilst moored boat covers are an essential item that is often overlooked. Savvy Boater has a range of boat tops and covers for all shapes and sizes of boats. They stock leading brands and can offer expert advice to customers. Equally, make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment.

Miami is a city with many year round attractions. From the beaches to the bridges there is plenty to sea and do. Moorings are available up and down the coast and accommodation for varying levels of comfort and luxury are numerous.

Miami makes a good base to explore from you can head to Cuba via the crocodile filled Everglades. To the south there is the National Park and the archipelago that leads out to Key West. Beyond there lies Cuba only a few dozen miles across the straits. Now that trade and tourism between the US and Cuba is open again the time is right to to visit a country that has been so close but so far for a long time. Havana is bustling and the landscapes in the centre of this narrow island are breathtaking. Be sure to consider Cuba next time you travel.

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