Monastery Faneromeni – Peaceful Place In Lefkada

Lefkada is one of the most beautiful and definitely the most romantic island in Greece. To visit this island a real pleasure, especially if you know exactly which places to put on your list.

If you want your summer vocation to spend on Lefkada, the island of the Ionian Sea, we sincerely recommend you to visit the beautiful monastery of Faneromeni. It is located in the mountainous part above the city of Lefkada. Monastery Faneromeni in Lefkada is one of the oldest and most important Christian monuments in Greece and it is the only one island where are still living monks. The exact age of the monastery is unknown, but legends said that it dates from the time of Apostle Paul. Before the monastery, at this place was located temple dedicated to Artemis, built entirely of white marble. Students of the Apostle Paul were sent to Lefkada in order to spread Christianity. One of them went to the place where today is situated the Monastery Faneromeni.

Legend said that he looked at the marble temple, kneeling before it praying and the temple was immediately ruined by an invisible force. In the years since this event was built the first church there, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In 332, the first monks arrived at the church, started building cells and to this day there proudly stands the Monastery Faneromeni. If you are not properly dressed, on the entrance door to the courtyard of the monastery you can get shawls, skirts and gowns. Candles are burning in the lobby of the church. Believers there can leave as much money as they want.

This monastery is the crux of the religious life of Lefkada. In its immediate vicinity is a small zoo, so the trip will be interesting for adults and for children also. Faneromeni Monastery is now open to visitors and is a place where even for a moment you feel an incredible peace, surrounded by beautiful nature and a great view.

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