Monschau – City Without Busses and Trains

Did you know that there is a place in this world where you cannot find buses or trains? An only transport vehicle for you to visit this place is your car. We are talking about the city of Monschau.

This town was first mentioned in the year 1198 under the French name Montjoie and developed around medieval castle whose remains exist to today. Monschau or the French Montjoie is a historic city located in the Eifel mountain range, just 2 km from the German border with Belgium, western Germany. This is one of the few cities in Germany which remained intact during the Second World War. Therefore is considered to be the most beautiful city in the region.

In the city centre there is a huge building “Rotes Haus” which is available to visitors just on the first few floors. Otherwise, the building has no specific names or historical significance. It is unique only by that it is full with images without wooden frames. The frames are painted on the walls around them. Monschau is located in a mountainous area which offers stunning views and it is nice to travel there throughout all year. This town named Monschau, which is located in a wooded mountain area, has not any specific facilities that may be offered to guests. But, what make it special are its narrow streets framed by beautiful houses, which are located along the river Rur.

We already mentioned that to the city of Monschau you can not come by train or bus. If this city is your next destination, you can get your own car.
The city of Monschau is one of those destinations that resemble to fairy tales. But, it is true that it makes us even more curious to see the extraordinary beauty with our own eyes.

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