Some of the Most Beautiful parts of the Nature untouched by Human Hands

Nature is the greatest and most accomplished artist in the world and the natural beauties that characterizes these places are amazing and will make you wanna look into them immediately. If you ever want to escape the reality just hit the road to one of these places, if you are able to, and let the Nature’s magic overtake your senses.

Faroe Islands

Situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands are under Danish government and they are about 18 small islands fascinating with their amazing scenery. Over the time, people there also developed their own language and culture, and the cities there are clean, charming and filled with houses in different colors to fits the nature beauties.

Lysefjorden, Norway

This fjord is well known by the Preikestolen – steep flat rock wit a breathtaking view. This place attracts thousands of visitors who constantly come in all seasons and are amazed with the beautiful pictures they make here. But if you decide to visit this place, then you need to watch out because there are no fences that protect tourists, and every misstep can be life-threatening.

Azores, Portugal

This archipelago is one of the Portuguese autonomous regions since it is away from the mainland even 1,360 km. The volcanic origins of the islands form unusual landscapes, and this set of 9 islands is a lure for tourists because of its numerous untouched and unexplored natural areas, as well as numerous attractions.

Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

Today it is hard to believe that a place like this still exists – completely intact and only sculpted by the wind and the sea. Bazaruto Island is a perfect match for nature lovers, because of the all natural coastlines and crystal clear sea. This place is being continuously shaped by the sea and wind.

Aleutian Islands

These islands are really unusual and represent a special place on Earth. Placed between Alaska and Kamchatka, these 14 large and 55 small volcanic islands cover an area of 17,666 km2 . They have a total of 57 volcanoes and currently home to about 8,000 people. Here come all historians and adventurers because in the museums there can be seen objects old as 9,000 years. Of course, there are available and numerous activities like hiking, kayaking, surfing …

Hawaii, USA

What to say about Hawaii that is not already said? These islands of volcanic origin offering wonderful beaches, natural pools, various hiking trails and an ideal location with a tropical climate that lasts throughout the year.Each year they attract many tourists who enjoy active rest and worship surfing, hiking, horseback riding or scuba diving.


The largest mountain range with the highest peak in the world extends across several countries. Tourists usually visit Tibet, China, India and Nepal, and therefore are referred to various hiking tours. The journey promises stunning views, as well as small and charming neighborhoods alongside the road. This is probably the most spiritual place on Earth, so if ever you are a meditate style, it’s the perfect place for you!

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