Most Loved Birthday Party Themes for your Dear Ones

Birthdays are special for each one of us, as it’s all about counting on the years you are grateful to live and make memories for. It’s always a great idea to make someone feel special by celebrating theirs, right! But this time why don’t you throw a thematic birthday party for your loved one and make it more happening. Well, hell yeah, you should go for it! But choosing a theme for the birthday party could be a head-scratcher for you. So, here we have listed 5 popular themes to make a birthday party dreamier.

Pirate Theme Party

Well, you have to agree with the fact that whether it’s about celebrating a birthday of a 5-year-old or a grown-up adult, the Pirate party theme would be a great choice to make it a fun and adventurous one. A birthday cake could be customized as per the theme. Adding up the patch eye mask and fake swords as props are going to make it lively. A fun game of finding a treasure with the help of a map could be a good idea for making it more enjoyable.

Minion Theme Party

A birthday party painted with a theme of blue and yellow will add a pop of color to the party. Minions are the depiction of joy and childhood which live forever inside every person no matter how grown-up one is. This theme is worth thinking about. Giant happy faces balloon of minions all around will add extra sigh of amusement to your decoration. It is a perfect theme for celebrating your little one’s birthday and their little boon companions who will be joining them on their big day. Then why not let the party with minions begin!

Retro Theme Party

Celebrating a birthday party in a retro theme would be a great way of grooving into the old school vibes. The retro theme is going to have a different effect on different generations. Your parents are going to dive down the memory lane and adults will get a chance to live the fashion of Gen X. How exciting would be that! Besides all the retro-themed decorations, arranging a karaoke session would be a lovely idea for reminiscing the old songs.

Harry Potter Theme Party

Look what’s on the list! A harry potter themed party is going to be the best idea ever for all the potter heads. A decoration of Hogwarts silhouette is going to add the full vibe to this party. There are few ideas which you can add to the list of decorations such as owl balloons, floating candles, robes, wands, etc. You can also contact a wizard for conducting a spooky and fun magic show. Well while arranging such a big blast birthday party you will be totally occupied, so it will be convenient to opt for online cake delivery which should be of harry potter theme.

Unicorn Theme Party

Well, you must be aware that nowadays unicorns have become almost every girl’s favorite mythical creature. Unicorn themed birthday party would be a lovely idea for the girls. Imagine a party filled with subtle pastel colors and yummy cupcakes adding sweetness to the party. Adding a variety of sweet tooth beside a big unicorn-themed cake will make the party a happy feast. Your ‘Alice’ surely deserves to visit her Unicorn’s Wonderland while stepping into her new year. You should definitely put this theme on your list and make the birthday party a beautiful one.

So, choose a suitable theme for your loved one and bang on your loved one’s birthday. Have fun with these themes!!!

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