Most Magnificent Spanish Villages

Spain has a specific spirit that is best preserved in the villages where tourists rarely come. Therefore, if you ever visit this beautiful country, try to visit some of these amazing Spanish villages.


Many artists today go to Deja seeking inspiration for their next works. The village is located on the island of Mallorca, 27 kilometers away from large jams to the beach. Here alone can enjoy the panoramic view over the Mediterranean. It is one of the most brilliant Spanish villages.

Image by Raúl A.- via Flickr


Baez was Catholic bastion where the Moors were trying to conquer the Iberian Peninsula. From that period remained incredible architecture that this little place makes attractive to every visitor.

Image by Juan Lois via Flickr


Ronda may look intimidating with its location on the two edges of a canyon, but once wandered on its streets will be enchanted by it. Canyon divides into two parts, but they are connected by bridges that offer an unforgettable view, and though it here are some of the oldest arenas for bullfighting. It is one of the most visited Spanish villages.

Image by Klomiz via Flickr


This medieval village is famous for the houses that hung from the precipice on which it is situated, so that Cuenca seemed to float in the air. Located in central Spain. It is one of the most beautiful Spanish villages.

Image by Mariluz Rodriguez via Flickr

Image by Mariluz Rodriguez via Flickr

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