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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mothers Who Love the Outdoors & Travel

If there’s one person in the world that should feel loved and appreciated it’s a loving mother. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we are looking for the perfect gifts for our parents, more specifically, outdoorsy parents.

Mothers don’t normally ask for much in regards to gifts, but we still want to show how appreciative we are for everything they’ve given us, even if it’s only a small bouquet of spring flowers. Therefore, if your mother loves to travel and enjoys nature, you should look for specific presents that will put a lot of joy in her heart.

Take Your Mom Camping

A healthy and outdoorsy woman would most likely enjoy a nice trip in the wilderness. Surprise your mom with a 2-day trip to go sightseeing in nature. Pack tents, food, and comfortable clothing and give her a memorable journey. Don’t forget to bring warm blankets and a thermos full of hot chocolate.

It’s best if you choose a beautiful and safe area where your mother can enjoy the sunset while snacking on marshmallows. Ensure that the forest, hills, or lake that you choose has no dangerous animals around. Plan for the weather so your fun is not spoiled. If your mom loves the outdoors and traveling and is earth-conscious she will surely enjoy a small family trip in nature with her beloved children.

Give Your Mother A Nice Pair of Sunglasses

If you don’t have enough time to go camping in the wilderness but still want to make your mother feel loved and special, you can acknowledge her hobbies by giving her something stylish and practical.

Choosing a good pair of sunglasses for someone who loves to spend her days outside is a brilliant idea. If your mother spends a lot of her time under the sun, walking on the beach, watering plants, hiking, sightseeing, etc. she will need a good pair of sunglasses.

Help Your Mom Get Cozy

If you wish to give your mom the best gift that she can use while she’s on her next trip outdoors, you should give her a cozy blanket. Nothing suits sitting outside, reading a book as much as a warm blanket.

Moms love to get cozy, especially if they love to sit under the stars, enjoy hot cocoa, and take joy in the breeze. Your mom might already have some cover-ups for the outdoors, but if she travels often, they may be used up and torn. Therefore, a new blanket (or a few of them) could be exactly what your nature-loving mom might need.

Moreover, you can get your mom a personalized blanket by ordering a customized drawing on the blanket. If your mom loves a specific animal or a place, it would be very heart-warming for her if you were to get her a blanket with an embroidered picture of something personal to her.

Let Your Mom Stay Warm

One of the best gifts you can give a mother who loves to spend her evenings in the backyard, under the stars is an at-home outdoor fire pit. A campfire can make the atmosphere feel cozy and nice, however, starting the fire takes a lot of time and can sometimes grow into hazardous incidents.

Therefore, you can allow your mother to enjoy the outdoors with some firelight while saving her time and staying safe. An outdoor portable fire pit can give your mom’s backyard a better vibe and give her the option to stay out for as long as she wants with a warming fireplace.

Let Your Mother Capture Memories

If your mom loves to make memories outside, it’s likely that she would like to capture the sights that she has seen. You can give your outdoorsy mother a professional camera for this Mother’s Day!

A quality camera will let her photograph her trips so that she can keep an album of her favorite trips. Outdoorsy moms who love to travel like to enjoy gorgeous views, so what better way to keep them in mind than to photograph them with a professional camera?

Get Your Mother a Fitness Watch

Smartwatches are new additions to our lives that help us count our daily steps, take care of our health, communicate, and stay healthy. A fitness watch is a perfect thing for an outdoors-loving mother who likes to take long walks outside or jog.

A heat-mapping fitness watch will keep your mother safe when she is out doing things she enjoys. Sometimes, we can over-exercise and get too exhausted or harm ourselves. A fitness watch is a great thing for your mom to keep her heartbeat and health under check while enjoying her favorite activities.

Allow Your Mom to Enjoy Self-Care

Outdoorsy people often get stuck under the sun which can damage their skin. Self-care kits are perfect for moms who want to enjoy the outdoors nearly every day. Sunscreen would be great for a person who spends a lot of their time under the sun. hand creams and body yogurts are the perfect solutions to take care of dried skin when it has been out for too long.

A Trip to Her Dream Location

If you can afford to give your outdoorsy mom who loves to travel the perfect gift, you can let her enjoy several days with you (or her partner) in her dream place. Book her a trip to her favorite rental property, city, or a country where she has always wanted to go.

You can plan a trip to the grand canyon or to see the northern lights. Depending on your mom’s favorite location you could give her the trip of a lifetime that she would definitely love. It would be the most enjoyable for her if she would get to travel with her child. However, in case you can afford a two-person trip, but don’t have the time, you can simply let her choose who else she would like to go on a vacation with!

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