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Mountain Bromo is Magnificent Wonder of Nature

Miracles of nature beautify our planet and allow tourists to get amazing experiences. Around the world you can see the various lovely places that you just imagine. However, the nature wonders are often found on inaccessible places or their magic is not visible at any time of year. However to see those extraordinary things is worth to wait for the right moment.

Mount Bromo is one of the most magnificent wonders of Mother Nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and good mood. For all those who visit Indonesia, Mount Bromo should not be missed.

Image by Caneles via Flickr

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The island of Java in Indonesia has over 20 active and spectacular volcanoes. One of the most beautiful and most available is volcano Bromo which is located of the eastern part of Java. Mount Bromo is precisely situated in the middle of a huge plain called Segara Vedas. It is active, but just throwing out thick smoke. The volcano is part of the National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru. The name comes from the name of Hindu god Brahma. The myth says that the mountain Bromo is important for the local residents. They believe it is the place where their brave prince sacrificed his life for his family. In order to appease the gods, humans during the annual festival throwing food and money in volcano, and that represent a ritual sacrifice.

Image by Indonesia Journey via Flickr

Image by Joshua Sosrosaputro via Flickr

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The best time to visit the mountain Bromo is between June and August. Then there are a lot of rain, but a lot more tourists. The formal way to visit the mountain is to get first to the nearest village. From there, you have to walk 45 minutes to the volcano. Sometimes due to volcanic activity climbing is prohibited. One of the most interesting activities on Mount Bromo is hiking. This is a world of unique natural beauty. Steep cliffs extend over one another and the view is amazing. When the sun drops below the horizon of a huge volcanic crater on the island of Java, you can perceive scene that no artist could paint like that can be experienced live.

Image by Schristia via Flickr

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