Moving in Montreal This Summer? Advice to Help You Survive Moving Day

If there is one day in the summer that promises to dial up Montreal’s usually laid back atmosphere to one of complete hectic anarchy it is July 1st. In Montreal, this is not just the holiday the rest of the country knows as Canada Day, but also the day when 90% of people who are going to move to new rented accommodation move house (also, given that this is when annual leases start and end, it is also when people moving from rented to owned property move out of their previous homes, so it is also a busy time for those buying a Montreal condo or house).

In many ways, the fact that everyone pretty much moves on the same day (which is also a holiday from work) is pretty convenient, and some other cities do envy the tradition. However, with so many people trying to do the same rather stressful thing on the same day, it can be a bit manic. Here is some advice to help you get through it:

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Friends Are Important!

Do not ever underestimate how much help a few extra pairs of hands (and sets of muscles) are when you have to transport everything you own from one place to another in just a day. Given Moving Day is also the Canada Day holiday, your friends should not have work as an excuse not to lend a hand, but of course, there is a good chance many will be moving themselves or already committed to helping somebody else. Try and ‘book’ your friends who are not moving well in advance. If you can’t do this, bribe friends or family from out of town to come and help you with the promise of a delicious takeaway and some beverages after things have all been safely delivered to your new home. Of course, you can also use professional movers, but friends tend to care more and be a bit cheaper! Also, if you do need to use a removal firm, book early because as you can imagine, demand will be high!

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Security is Paramount!

The chaos of Moving Day can also be a day when opportunistic thieves will strike, so make sure that wherever your items are, someone is with them. Cover anything you leave in cars and keep the more valuable things in a locked trunk. As you go in and out of your new and old homes, make sure to lock the door whenever anybody isn’t there keeping watch.

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Consider the Sun

July is typically hot, and with lots of heavy lifting and time spent outdoors throughout the move, you need to make sure everyone has adequate sun protection and plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

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Once your move is complete, you and everybody who helped you can celebrate with a good take out and some beers, before you begin tackling the next challenge – unpacking all those boxes and finding new homes for everything!

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