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Must See Castles in Ireland

Ireland is a country that has a vast array of castles. Some of them date back to the 11th century. There are over 30,000 castles in Ireland either ruins or still persist as a whole. The first Anglo-Norman castle is Trim Castle, built in 1169.

The most visited castles in Ireland are Bunratty and Blarney castles. They are located outside of Dublin.

The oldest inhabited castle in Ireland was Kilbrattain Castle, built around 1035 by O’Mahony Clan.

This infogrphic is created by The Ocean Sands Hotel and it is rich with information about some of the most visited castles in Ireland. In the picture below you can find many interesting info about them, that may take your attention and push you to go and visit some. Beside the information about the locations and history of the castles, there are also some helpful information including the opening hours, cost and average visit length of each noted castle.

No wonder why most of the medieval movies are filmed in Ireland. The number of castles in Ireland is enormous, and each and every suits in a topic and time sequence of the history. Everything we can imagine about this period of the history can be seen now in Ireland with a cheap tour and a wish to dive into the dreams of medieval history.

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