Mykonos Top Destination For This Summer

A place rich in archaeological, natural, recreational and traditional beauty, and besides, Mykonos is also exciting jet-set destination inherited natural resources of Greece and the eternal beauty of the Cyclades.

Petros the Pelican – this is the mascot of Mykonos, the island of “Fame.” The first pelican arrived on the island in 1958 th year but after his death he was replaced by other birds. The port is a great place to relax with ice cream during the afternoon mrzelivoto

Nightlife – Mykonos is known for nightlife and tumultuous in many famous bars and night clubs, one of them is the Paradise club that will allow any entertainment that you have never experienced! Some people describe it as a smaller version of the Ibiza with all kinds of fun that lasts until dawn. Nightlife has something to offer for all ages and musical tastes. During the summer some of the best music DJs come to visit the island and perform in front of the tourists and make unforgettable parties  until the early morning hours.
Windmills of Mykonos – the most famous landmark and symbol of Mykonos island. Windmills are often shown on postcards and souvenirs and tourists just can not leave the island without being photographed in front of them.

If you still don’t know where you want to spent your summer vacation we suggest to you to go in Mykonos in Greece. Below you can see 9 awesome photos that will gonna make you to go there and have an unforgettable summer vacation.

Image by Raging Wire via Flickr

Image by Trent Strohm via Flickr

Image by Chris Ruggles via Flickr

Image by Apel.les via Flickr

Image by Apel.les via Flickr

Image by Apel.les via Flickr

Image by Apel.les via Flickr

Image by Apel.les via Flickr

Image by Ion Androutsopoulos via Flickr

Image by petros asimomytis via Flickr

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