National Park Yoho – The Miracle Of Canada

The National park Yoho, whose name is taken from Native Americans, means ‘miracle’. Founded in 1886, it will not leave anyone indifferent. The sides around the park are formed from glaciers, idyllic lakes and breathtaking waterfalls which represent nature things that make this national park special. Located in the Rocky Mountains, national park Yoho is one of 44 national parks in Canada.

There are two lakes that represent the National park Yoho. Lake O’Hara is an incredible beauty located at 2,115m above sea level in Yoho National Park. Everyone knows and described the lake like an emerald in a bowl Mountain. Lake O’Hara is known for its scenery and incredible view. The number of passengers who can access this area by bus is significantly reduced, in order to preserve the tenderness of the environment. To access this place by bus, you need reservation of the seat 3 months in advance.

In the area of the national park Yoho is also located Emerald Lake which represent beautiful landmark. Shimmering lake has ice-blue color that will astonish any visitor with its magnificence. The lake is surrounded by silent forests of spruce and icy mountain peaks. For the color of the lake is responsible melting of the glacier.

Near the Emerald Lake is situated paleontological site in the Rocky Mountains. The site is under the protection of UNESCO, because some of the fossils are old over 530 million years. The most frequent fossils are marine invertebrates which are participated with more than 120 species. The site can be visited only with the help of expert guides.

Yoho National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Canada for camping. There you can rent a house that is next to the lake for a very low price. If you belong to the group of people who enjoy the quiet outdoors Yoho National Park is a place you should visit.

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