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Nayarit – Wonderful Place Surrounded By Jungle

You want to see a new and unusual destination? Nayarit is the right place for you. Nayarit is small state in western Mexico, which is located between the forest areas of mountain massifs Sierra Madre and the Pacific. On the northern coast is located the colonial town of San Blas, which in the 16th century was built by San Basilio. He wanted to protect the region from attacks by pirates.

Local Indians attracted the attention of visitors with its colourful clothes and big hats. They offer tourists some interesting souvenirs with local press.

Major tourist attraction is the beach of San Blas, which is called Nayarit Riviera. The most popular place is Sayulita, which long ago used to be a fishing village. Besides tourism, the local population is engaged in agriculture and fishing. Inside the federal Mexican state Nayarit, on area of hundreds of kilometres, are stretching rain forests of the Sierra Madre. The rich flora and fauna of the jungle include hundreds species of birds and there are registered 119 species of mammals. Unfortunately, the most of the rainforest recently are destroyed, although the storage and protection of the jungle and wild animals in Nayarit are essential, not only for Mexico but also beyond.

Tourists who come here can enjoy the beauty of the resort of Punta de Mita in Riviera Nayarit, which is about 100 kilometres long. That charming seaside resort gives you the opportunity to enjoy the impeccable nature. In that place you will have incredible privacy while you are surrounded by 250 acres of dense jungle and yet close to beautiful, heavenly beaches. Punta de Mita in Riviera Nayarit is an ecological paradise that is perfect for people who want to get away from everything for a short time. Accommodation in this resort is amazing, with beautiful 12 apartments made of raw stone and wood, equipped with modern Mexican furniture from high-quality beds to very modern bathrooms.

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