Need Some Adventure? 4 Tips for Planning a European Backpacking Trip

If you’re the adventurous type, a backpacking trip to Europe should be on your bucket list. This continent has enough culture and scenery for a lifetime of experiences. Although Europe can be an expensive place to visit, a backpacking trip can be fun on a low budget. Here are four tips for your European trek.

Plan Your Trip

Adventurous people like to do spontaneous things, but trips always turn out better when you take some time for planning and preparation. There are some essential things to think about before a European trip such as which cities you want to visit, budgeting strategies and transportation arrangements.

After you find the best flight deals and book your trip, the next step is to create a travel itinerary. There are plenty of city travel guides available online that provide information about what to see and do in each European city. Use a map to create a logical route along the destinations that interest you the most.

Essential Items

On a backpacking trip, you need to pack lightly. Since you can’t bring a lot of clothes, make sure your wardrobe pieces all coordinate with each other. Don’t weigh yourself down with toiletry products. Bring mini-sized products, or purchase them on the road. Choose a coat or jacket that is suitable for the weather and keeps you dry. Most importantly, get a high-quality waterproof backpack because it is the one piece of luggage that you must depend on to carry all your essential gear.


When traveling in Europe, travel accessories will make your quality of life much better on the road. Pickpocketing is a big issue for tourists when traveling abroad, so a money belt is essential to prevent your adventure from becoming a nightmare. Make electronic copies of your documents such as passport and other identification in case these get lost. A water bottle and a set of traveling food utensils will also come in handy.

Don’t Spend a Fortune on Food

Backpacking is a thrifty trip, but food in Europe can be very expensive if you don’t use good budgeting techniques. The restaurants in Europe are some of the best attractions, but don’t forget about grocery stores and street vendors as cheaper options.

These are just a few tips that will improve your overseas adventure. Take some time to learn about Europe and its numerous attractions, and make sure you’re ready before booking your trip.

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