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New Honeymoon Destinations For 2015

When it comes to honeymoon, it is the time when couples enjoy the most. It is once in a lifetime trip and for the same reason, people want it to be special and far more if they are getting with some amazing travel discounts from Dealslands uk. There are many places where you have been and have spent some good time, but you don’t want the same place for your honeymoon too. So for those lovely engaged couples and for the people who want to spend some romantic time together, here we come with some escapades.


Myanmar has now opened its doors to the world travelers. It is one of the South Asian countries which has borders with India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos. Belmond Governor’s Residence is one of the main attractions of Myanmar. Here the visitors can enjoy a lantern light dinner and indulge in spa treatments.


When it comes to Cuba, it will be soon open for the visitors from US though they have already tried to get into the land illegally. Here the sandy beach and the gushing waters can really be the feast to the eyes. There is a 81-year old hotel named Nacionel de Cuba, which gives out a view to the Havana harbor. It has been visited by celebrities like Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra.


Iceland comes with open skies and uneven land. This can be a different experience for the honeymooners who want to spend some time in a town environment. If you are planning to stay away from the capital, you can spend some amazing time at the hotel and have some good time enjoying the luxurious stay.


This is a place situated in central America and is full of natural and eco friendly environment. With the recent opening of Mukul resort & spa, the number of people coming to the land to refresh is increasing.  So this can be the best place for the honeymooners who want to spend some time in the cradle of nature. Here they can indulge in surfing lessons, spa treatments, helicopter rides to volcanoes and rides to nearby colonies.


When it comes to the middle east, the hot spots have always been Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Now Oman has rose to be one of the holiday destinations with the number of upcoming hotels. Here you can spend some amazing time at the Beachfront Spa Pool Villa. The steam showers and spa treatments can be some of the different experience that you can get here.


This is a beautiful and romantic African island, which can be best for a safari. Anantara resort which is located in a small island of Quirimbas Archipelago gives a view of the Indian ocean.


For those lovers who wants to spend some splendid time away from the crowd, then this Italian region can be your option. This can be the best place for the people who love food. Borgo Egnazia is a hotel which has been formed in the authentic Italian style.


This place is still out of reach for the people of US and so for the same reason are lesser known to the Americans. You will find a super luxurious resort here on the island. Here everything has been specially designed keeping in the mind the privacy of people. Intimate dinners on the beach and the in spa treatments are totally worth the trip.

Sumba Island in Indonesia

It is one of the lesser known islands of Indonesia. It is situated in the East Nusa Tenggara region and can be called as one of the biggest island. Here couples can meet the locals, move around in the paddy field, learn surfing lessons apart from relaxing on the beach.

Lijiang, China

It is located in the Yunnan province of China and can be the best place for the honeymooners who want to move away from the hustle bustle. It can be an ideal place for the couple who want to explore the foothills of Himalayas by an adventurous trip.


This is one of the undiscovered honeymoon destinations of the world. Here honeymooners can have an awesome time at the one bedroom villas which comes with outdoor bathtubs and private media rooms.

Ecuadorian Andes

It can be the best place for the couple who wants to merge in the natural beauty. Hacienda Zuleta comes with 14 rooms along with terrace and private garden. They come with fireplace to give those cozy feeling.

Eastern coast of Sri Lanka

When the whole world in moving towards the west, you can spend an awesome time on this east coast. Now it is possible to get some good time at the Uga Bay, which comes with underground spa. Here beach villas are available with pools and terraces. You can also get private access to the beach.

So now spend some romantic and cozy time with your loved one on one of these spots and grab an experience of a lifetime.

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