Nicaragua – Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Although the prices of flights to the world’s most famous tourist destinations cost much money, the low prices of local residence will save your budget and make those trips achievable. Nicaragua is a cheaper alternative to Costa Rica. But, if you are planning a trip there should make it faster because it is a popular tourist destination.

Nicaragua has a tropical climate, and a very pleasant temperature throughout the year. It is divided into three regions: the Pacific, the northern and central mountains and the Caribbean Mosquito Coast. Go there and feel its beauty.

Nicaragua truly deserves the description “the land of lakes and volcanoes.” This is the heart of Central America and is the ideal place to visit if you are looking for something really different. The coasts of Nicaragua are engulfing by the waves of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific. This is a country where you can enjoy its natural beauty of dozens of volcanoes, rivers and lakes. The rich tourist offer allows you to select some of the activities such as swimming or surfing on the waves of the Pacific or the Caribbean Sea. You can walk to the volcano and the magical lagoon where you will see hundreds of animal and plant species.

Also you can visit the Spanish colonial cities and archaeological treasures. When you go to Nicaragua, might be worth to visit Leon, City University and a place where there is the largest cathedral in Central America. You can see Corn Islands with their amazing coral reefs and beautiful landscape. Also, Mukul Spa center must include in a visit. This luxurious Spa Centre consists of 12 elegant villas on the beach, beautiful pools, secret gardens and additional 23 comfortable bungalows called Bohios. This country is full of varieties of beautiful forests and beaches to almost daily celebrations of tourists which offer a real experience of the local culture and are extremely cheap.

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