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Niihau Island – Place Where Time Stops

Unreachable somehow always is the most attractive. We have similar situation with some interesting and beautiful places which are forbidden to the public, so they become more desired. Vacation in Hawaii appears as an exclusive holiday thanks to the reputation that holds this destination. Today we bring you at the Hawaiian island Niihau. With clear mind and released thoughts you can enjoy at that peaceful place.

Hawaiian culture there dating from 1800 and for that reason many called it timeless. Resident’s life still is a privacy and mystery to the outside world. If the forbidden wake your curiosity, go there without thinking.

Anyone who visited the Hawaiian island Niihau describes as a place where time stands still and the access there is strictly limited. Niihau is the seventh largest island in Hawaii. The island has no roads, shops, electricity or sanitation. Elizabeth Sinclair bought the island in 1864 from the Kingdom of Hawaii and now it belongs to her descendants, the family Robinson. In 1915, the grandson of Sinclair closed the island to most visitors in order to preserve the original culture and wildlife. Even if you menage to get to the Niihau island, you will not be entitled to get closer to residents.

The reason why the visits were forbidden to this island lies in the desire to preserve the life that is completely in tune with nature. However, in 1987 Niihau was open to prying eyes, but only for half a day. Thanks to this, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of that wonderful place at least few hours. The island is home to some 130 people who care about natural resources. In fact they do not depend on the benefits of the modern world. Do not use cars, electricity and generally avoid anything that can cause contamination.

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